Adding documents to Ohio

Today we add documents from the Ohio Secretary of State.

This allows anyone using the Secretary of State API to get things like the Articles of Organization for a specific business.

Get Ohio information here – Get Secretary of State API key here –


Hello there I’m Jordan Hanson from cobalt intelligence to in sport in the sweet Cobalt’s intelligence swag here I that. Oh. All intelligence is looking good. And, uh, we are going to talk about the secretary of state API today. Today, we’re gonna try to get documents. I’m trying to get, add officers and documents to the secretary of state API, which essentially means when you go to a, I liked the zealous airplane.

When you go to, when you search for a specific state right now, we’re just returning the agent. I also would like to find any officer’s documents, um, being like the articles of incorporation organization, anything like that. And then mints, I’m looking over here. I’m looking at. Uh, this is what I’m looking at here.

I don’t think articles. I don’t see any officers. We have a registered agent. I don’t see anywhere that says officer’s anything specific here. We are going to grab this right here though. And then grab this link. That’s what we’ll do. So that’s what we’re going to do. So we’re here on this page, right? We’ve to the business details.

We have the SOS ID right there, and then we’re going to come here at the end, all blazing agent. Okay. And we’re gonna go like this and we’re going to see if we can find. Something here that’s oh, there we go. Filings modal table. That’s what I want. I’m going to say const documents, row document rows, wait, age dot all the data right there.

And I think it’s going to be a T body PR we’re gonna want, I’m gonna get this whole thing here. Did this return does return. Can we just wait that outside of it? Yeah. I, that when we turn it outside of that and we’ll get this thing right here and well, okay. That found nothing.

My dumb here.

Oh, that is the tape. Wait, that should be there. Why isn’t it? This inside of an I-frame or something here. Let’s see here. No, no, it’s not. Okay.

Um, we’re using this right here. Aren’t we, and this exists can’t find any of this stuff. Okay. What’s there, it should be just like, I’m just gonna do it out of my gut. Then I, here we go. And then we’ll look through these rows. Documented rose document row. And over here, we’re going to say

the date has to be in the filing date anyway. So I’m not worried about that, but the date each one might be interesting. Um, and we’re going to say const document and where to go, I document, which is, and. Interface right there. Got a name, wait a document, row dot Bella. Val. Oh night that he, Val, there we go like that.

And our selector is going to be TD and the type one, there we go.

All that. And then I also do URL and that’s going to be, since you were out here, it is looking at the full thing. That’s great. Okay. So let me go await document Bow TD nth of type that four, four, and a real element. And we’re going to say element dot, get attribute, and it’s going to be H red. Well, I’ll say we don’t pile on any trim like that.

And then we say, if business documents, then we’re going to push it because if it already exists, we’ll just push it into the thing, push document. Cause we don’t know how many days it’s going to be there. Right? Like that. I kind of wonder about date here. Don’t have it yet.

Um, okay. If it doesn’t exist, then we’re gonna say business details, dot documents equals document type that easy. Right.

We’re going to say, get status. We get commit for essay, Ohio search Ohio. I had documents, push origin. There we go. Now I have this so automatically deploys to the Lambda function on this commit. Oh, it looks for those keywords, right? Uh, it looks for whatever those words were, something Ohio search. This is the land of function.

And then Ohio, which is. The Lambda function. I can’t remember why we’re doing that that way. So it goes through, I kind of wants the date. It seems like that would make sense. Cause if you have a bunch of like articles, incorporation doesn’t make a difference, but these other ones definitely could make a difference.

All right. Well, that’s another thing about adding date. Anyway. Hopefully this would go up here quick and then we can try it. So we’ll go over here. A couple of SDK come over here and we’ll see. What business is this? I like that the Ohio, Ohio is a pill does not work a lot of the time. In fact, I want to try some new stuff in Ohio, probably mess with that.

Okay. And then we’re going to run this baby. Okay. This, I messed this freaking thing up. I need to revert that. Get convert last commit. I want to get rid of it, messed it up. I shouldn’t be take a long time, but it does fail often. That’s probably one of my most troublesome states because they have some kind of their, uh, caption up capture their protection kind of makes it CloudFlare, these event, CloudFlare protection that makes it really rough.

They where we’re trying probably cause we’re, we’re trying over in Ohio, it takes a little bit. I don’t even know if it’s the boy dead. I’m hoping it’s to put already. That should be that simple.

And we’re using the STK here, by the way.

It’s taking that long. That worries me. I’m going to put up some logs here and we’re going to go to Ohio.

Go. That’s not true. Yeah, it’s not there yet. It’s not deployed no documents there work though. That’s good. Okay. From over here, I want to, I’m going to, I do right here at duke. We’re at a turn that

there are any other ones are weird. They’re not trimmed. No, that’s you’re good. Okay. Now let’s go check to see if it’s deployed. To make sure. Hold on, look over here in my Lambda just to make sure it’s already deployed one minute ago. It says, let’s try this again, then why it took so many times probably for the air it out.

The first couple of times, I I’ve had an automatic recheck is what aired one Eric, twice in her time at work. So my retries worked that makes me. Sexy. I keep hearing that many times, Ohio and Georgia, those are two of the ones that are like, honestly, Maryland New Mexico. They’re the worst they fail all the time.

I wish they didn’t Nevada sometimes, but these ones are the worst for sure.

There we go. And look at that.

Look. See. All right. Good. Is there any email addresses in here? Let’s look

okay. Nothing. I’m nothing fancy there.

Cool. That worked well. All right. Now we added documents for Ohio. We’re the best. That’s the end. Thanks.