Adding Officers to NY – will embed once it’s public

New York state Secretary of State business search ( uses ajax requests and JSON to return their data.

They have a nice field in there for CEO that helps plucking out the officer information when it is available. It was not available very often so it must not be a required field.

Get an API key for the Secretary of State API here –


I live there. I’m Jordan Hanson. And from cobalt intelligence today, we’re talking about the secretary of state API. We’re going to do a little work in the New York state secretary of AP, or sorry at the end New York and the secretary of state DPI. We’re going to add officers in documents when we can find them.

I’ve done a little bit of investigation. I’m pretty sure we combined it. So we’re going to start with a classic pizza. We’re going to go contains when a search actually takes a little bit of time with.

Anyway, it’ll search over here. Come on. There we go. There’s some stuff I’m going to pick one. That’s active. How about this one? Papa. John’s yeah. That’s should be good. So we have this officer information here. It doesn’t look like it’s there yet, but this one looks, see if there’s a CEO here and then I think there’s a CEO and then there’s the PO exec, like right there.

I see a name in there. Kind of interesting to have this separated anyway, that’s what we’re going to do. So I think we just go like this. We say if business dot officers, then we, well, we’re not looping grade things. We could just say, it’s going to start officer’s equals.

Well, I don’t want to make it though. Okay. This way, this

cause we already have this stuff here. This jurisdiction. No. So come then here. Wait, what are we calling? Get into do record by ID comes over here. It gets access response. That data entity general info it’s over here. Okay. Got it. Okay. Okay. Okay. So we’re going to that. So current CEO information equals Axios response fonts, that

Now I wish I had one that I know one that doesn’t. So we’ve got this. If CEO what? Well, what is it supposed to look like? Okay. We need to find one with one. I think I saw on this goal, we turned to search. Let’s go Google. We’ll go back that we’ll search that an active one.

Now they can’t go back and forth. Oh no, we will see this one. Sure. Nothing. Okay. Back Google access to. I swear. I found one with one, there was a Google one, all, uh, Google Inc. Active, but we got, Hey, we got something. Okay, look right there. There we go. So we’re going to say, say if FCR, then we’re going to go.


Yep business officer’s equals this more like this, where I say name right there. It’s going to be CEO number sixth street address. And it’s going to be C your information dot address, that street address that let me see city CCO information dot address now. City their mercy state CEO information, that address that state got imagined the state, right.

Is zipped is going to be, see information that address zip code, just like that. All right. Now we would like to find one with this too.

We don’t get a title here. That’s good. Ah, okay. That’d be, should be easy. See? Yeah, right there. How do I know? Because look, it says CEO right there. That’s how I know. I’m very clever. Now we’ve got to find one. Wait, wait, I want to see about

name history. I think history, we not get these doesn’t look like we can get these documents. Have you done?

Say anything about how to get them? I can collapse that. Okay.

Hmm. Okay. Maybe I’m not doing that. How do you get these? And then why are they even here? You must feel the order them. Okay. Let’s pretend this search find something else. I just, I feel like it’s gotta be a bigger company. Um, go see ya. I don’t know. It’s going to only run the corporations here.

True. That one. No. Dang. Well, can we assume it, it falls the same.

I’m going to assume then and say, if I would say.

Your exact information,

you pose accesses data exec. I get that. Let me say C P O executive commission, that name. Then we say if business officers, we don’t know if there’s already one yet, maybe we didn’t get it to you. Then we push. Otherwise we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna say officer. All right, officer.

And we’re going to add this guy name, name, and all this right here.

That title will be principal executive. Oh, that’s the office. That’s not an officer. That’s the office. Okay. I’m not doing that then. That’s why there’s only an address thing. They’re scared. So we’re done. Let’s try to push this up and make sure it works. We got to find one that works. Commit, say, New York, search you your NCU.

Then we wait for it. Go here.

okay. So that’s going up and we need to find one. So back to

have a return to search again, what was it? Google.

I had to hit one of these.

Okay, fine. Contains.

Yeah, I got hit somebody. Okay.

It was like this one. Wasn’t it? No, it was something that was.

Well, we thought we, we can do it here. We can do this right here. It, what was the entity name? Google Inc.

We’re going to say contains. And we’re gonna say corporation.

I don’t understand why is this so hard?

that’s right. I think that’s it.

Okay. Now let’s go to the STK right there. Okay. And then that’s what we’re here. So what happens here? I don’t know what’s going to return. There was a bunch of stuff in there where this is a pretty exact name we have there. Weren’t like a ton of them with it

Mancy that’s worried about. Okay, well, we’re just gonna do my ID. How about that?

Let me to New York and make sure. I am that and that death, here we go. All right. It’s going to be a boring one. Maybe. I don’t know. Yeah. There’s my officers. Hey, Hey.

Oh yeah. Cause they have the new thing and does, okay. Details that results.

It’s there. Trust me. I gotta update this SDK guy. Huh?

Here we go. Sweet. We did it. Woo. We’re the best New York officers done.