Adding Officers to Pennsylvania

We are adding officers to the Pennsylaniva Secretary of State API. There weren’t too many samples businesses that had officers but we were able to find a few.

Where we did find officers we were able to get the name, title, and address.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State search can be found here –

If you want to search via API, get an API key here –


Hello, there I am Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt. He tells me this. I always bring this up so people can see it. Uh, we’re going to look on the secretary of state API today, the secretary of state API, something where you can get business data from secretary of states. You can use it for anything you want.

Maybe you want to find out who owns a certain business. You can market to them. Maybe you want to verify that business is real so you can lend to them. You could want to do whatever they can put a bank account, whatever this is. Why use the secretary of state API? We’re going to add officer information today.

Uh, we’re going to do it in, we’re going to do it in, um, Pennsylvania. And actually I kind of liked the screen wider. Okay. So the officer’s here now. This is a very common, I don’t know whether these are old businesses, I guess 2015. It’s not that old, but no office was listed. So it must not be too required in Pennsylvania.

We’re going to come over here, photograph this, and then we’re going to go and add it in here. Okay. So this is all of our get business details. I think maybe how is it part of this? Oh, gross like that. Uh, okay, well, we’re gonna go over here with this, the main content we have officers wait, then where’s the stuff is the label underneath it.

Okay. Let’s look at that.

This is weirdly shaped, huh? It’s not even above it.

How are we doing this right now? Right now we’re getting a list of all of these. All these and all rows. We felt there. Now, if it has a name, what about registered agent? Where does that show up?

No registered agent. All right here.

So it goes to here and finds all of these.

I’ll we’re starting right here. We just get the first one or the last I’m probably. Okay. So what we do is say, Hey, if it’s not zero, what does that mean? That means there are some of these, the agent name is going to be the first one. If we look through them and change this. There’s no agent listed here.

Would it be that bad? If we didn’t put an agent, this is a structure thing. I have a problem with the I’ve done wrong. Is that, um, I just assume they always have an agent and so I make it an agent. So I think we could do this. Maybe leave this how it is, and then maybe we go like this and say, officer’s equals this.

And then we loop through it and we’ll do something similar, kind of that same kind of thing here.

We’ll say for high officers, really, it should be different than that officer, bro. And this should be officer rose like that. And then it goes through each one, these which are all stuff.

We’ll loop through each one.

Here we go. Like that. Yeah. I think this is all over there. Yeah. Let’s do like this. And then what we’ll do is go like this, we’ll say, okay. Uh, and then the label is always going to be this, but how do we differentiate between the first and the second?

So we know the first row is always going to the name. Second, you could do this. If I zero, you pose here. All right. Can we do that is zero, zero and not a number.

Well, what if we go IPOs one

quarter operations works there. What about zero plus one? Let me say one. That’s going to close your first row right there.

I plus 1 cent to zero because on the second row we’re going to always have right. First name second row, his title

say third row is address

nine. Plus I post one like that. I get that. Yep. That’s right. So come over here. There do their first row and we can go automatically to our second, right? Well at this, um,

this officer I, whatever, right? This

name, string title string. St. I do this whole thing. Okay. Or they want to ask him about this. There’s gotta be a better way to do this. Like this officer. Hi, officer equals

didn’t say.

No, I don’t want this. Why did this come from that? I want that this, yeah, I don’t want that there. Perfect. Okay. Now I know. Yeah. I know you require this. We’re going to say name, title, this, and like that, that’s the only things that are required. Now we come over here and we say the first row, which is, wouldn’t be officer that name equals.

Officer row dot evil four on the first round through all of these rows. And so this one is just, it’s going to be T all right. Yeah. So we’re going from the tr so we’re gonna have the TV, if they have type two and a type two element content and we’ll trim it, just like that. I think we have the same thing.

For all of them, except for this is going to be titled

an address is going to be this mess, whatever. However, we do this,

I think that something like this.

Format did address equals this thing right there,

that this is going to be,

I like that, but this is going to be. Um, yeah, officer

city, officer, officer, officer,

stay and sit there like that. And then after this, we say, Hmm. I don’t want that there. Right. So loop through each row and I’ll have to push every time. How does it know it?

I think we do after the address, right? Because it’s going to go 1, 2, 3, push one, or maybe we do at the beginning.

We clear out this officer, that’s going to clear it out every time. Okay, we can do this. We can do this.

Okay. Hold on. Let me think here. So we have our, we initialize it here, but that’s going be initialized every time. And then it’s going to be replaced. We’ve done this before, Jordan. This thing. Can we do this? Come here. This is, we hit that first. It’s going to create the officer.

I think we were like this and we bring out at this led have a lead officer that,

oh, you don’t tell me that. I’ll tell you what I can do that. And now we say, if there’s an officer, no, cause it’s not going to, I can go down here and we’re done with this and we go like this officer.

Business officers. Yeah. You tell us, let we go business details at officers. Stop push officer else. We go business details that officers equals officer. I bet. And after that we say officer equals.

Automatically cleared. All right. It’s automatically replace it. Let’s try it. Okay. Good status to commit. Oh gosh, self in Sylvania now. Oh boy. Pence. Uh, Pennsylvania.

Hmm, Hmm. Hmm. Now we wait for it to build over here actions. Let me get my SDK ready right there. And we’re going to.

Pennsylvania and wants to try on this one and on this one with the went with all officers now without shouldn’t matter. Cause it shouldn’t find any rows here, so it shouldn’t look through anything. Okay. Here we go. Come on, bill. Bill, bill, bill on a dev is we are dev okay, here we go.

You can’t see it, but I actually see, look, they’re building. Do you remember? I see that bill, bill, bill, and as soon as that’s done it deploys it, my officers worked on yesterday. That took a while. There’s a lot of weird parsing. Was this kind of similar to this? Right? How we’re breaking on the, I mean, let’s double check here.

Right? So if I do my math, so if I go on, if I’m on one plus one that’s oh, note I say. I didn’t, I did this right. And it should be too it’s

one, two, no. And one plus one. That’s the problem. There we go. And now we’re up for. Three. Dang it. Okay. These need to be in operations. Apparently modulates goes first.


I was done, but we’re going another one,

one minute, 15 seconds for that. Could do these seconds. One minute to. How many minutes I’m using good hub view action. The minutes

I use this very often settings, I’m afraid this is going to be too private stuff. Okay. Whatever. I don’t worry about that right now. Right there. Okay. Here we are. Anyway, here we are everyone talking about secretary of state stuff. It’s cool. We have Pennsylvania over here. 13 minutes old boy. Hope this works.

I can’t let people sit here and watch me try to build stuff for a long time. I’m

trying to think the officer, so it goes through here.

So we get this list.

Extra spaces and then it comes through it. Doesn’t reassign it. Cause we’re just going to update the name.

How does this address? Parsing work. Oh, crap. Really? I’m still doing this in Pennsylvania. Oh,

No problem. I’m using forgotten using the Google API for that. Oh, wait, we’re done. What’s cost me money each time Pennsylvania. I have to watch, I had to check my cost down on that.


Shouldn’t break. At least it broke. I broke. Dang it. Alright, broke it.

Hold on. Let me sign in here. Alrighty. CTP and we’ll look at, uh, that was a captcha ma my password by the way, RD CTP. And it was a capture. Okay. So we go over here and we say, What am I doing in Pennsylvania?

Fair. The fail to find the element T and from type two

Fravor row. Oh, there’s some rows that don’t have it. What about this middle? All this middle row. Okay. Well, we can do that. We can fix that lots like this, and we’ll say. First thing we’re going to go is like this. We’re going to say middle row or constant row desired and close, awake. Officer row teller sign TV, and this is silly to me.

I kind of wish it just nullified that whatever, if there’s no desire itself, just skip it, please. There’s no point in doing that

because look,

there are. Rose, but out second, so dang it. That’s not right.

Um, this is wrong to stop this one, cancel run. If I’m putting, having that. I cancel it. Yeah. Look at that canceled. Don’t waste my time. How we chill away from, okay. So here we go. Now, what other states do we need? okay. So, you know, these are the states we support Alabama, or what are pop the states? New York, red button, New York, I York, if there’s weird stuff, but might be easy

canceled. Okay. I just got notified by get home, but I canceled my run.

Search by. Okay. Look, he never tell what we’re type. Where are we typing here? All right. Here. I see all of these

and inactive, inactive. There’s one that’s active doubt. You can get this kind of stuff. That was their officer information already in here. Here’s that registered?

So hard to see him as a CEO,

they all have CEOs. I don’t know about that.

Does he even have officer information in there?

Hi, does her hair see if they have these things? This one doesn’t have it. So maybe the pins. Oh yeah, we’re done. Maybe let’s try this one again.

It’s actually a transfer. ASCO’s 500. I don’t know. Come on baby. Oh, oh.

Did not work. Okay. Let’s go look at the logs here.

We didn’t get not, we didn’t get off our officers.

I failed before. So that means it tried. Right. Well, what’s going on here? Paul gets mugs in there. So it comes over here.

If there’s an officer, if one’s going to push otherwise now, what if it never gets to this one? How could it not?

Right. And this is the here it’s going to get there.

Zero plus one zero plus or one plus one is this one we’ll put logs neighbor,

officer name.

Okay. I’ll let you be like this. How’d that happen? That address?

And I go,

I’m going to put the officer in there too long ago.

That like that. Here we go.

Email over here. Okay. So I want a different one. So some, one of the way list documents me. Filing history does, but there’s no link to it.

All documents are available. Apparently get filing history. The link here, you there. This is a falling dog. Good though.

Can I return to results? I was on the.


no officer there either all

or there is an officer there. Okay. What does that look like

as a CA. And then as PO

I registered agent,

but it doesn’t have the other ones here. Like what about principal? PEO principal, executive officer P O P O principal officer exec address stuff, name their, their actions. Okay. Are they already okay. Look to the SDK, run it open. We only have logs, so it’s nothing that’s going to be different.

6 40, 22 minutes on this. I tried to make these quick, but it’s never that quick. Is it?

Okay. Okay. That’s good.

Oh, why did I put name on okay. Still not pushing in there though. Cause we’re never going to address. Okay. Oh, maybe hold on. My thing is, my assumptions are messed up because of the extra. It never had the officer address though.

Hold up here. Okay. So it should hit this one, it hit officer name

and an officer name and then it had didn’t put it, it thought they were all, oh, am I making any assumptions here? Oh my gosh, for one, they’re all gonna hit that first one.

And really it’s actually row one and four

Dant. How do I know that’s what I’m at? I don’t know how many officers are going to have.

How’s that work like that

that’s going to work anyway, because I had to stop.

Let me think, how can we work this out?

Okay. This is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna say we’re going to our title, our label constantly bull pools, await officer Rowe is always the first cell. Right? And this one? Yeah, there is, but we still don’t have to do this after. Officer road dot dollar sign TV, and of type one. Where on Tremont?

Whoa. He didn’t give me the thing. I thought you would automatically do this for me, but you did not. Oh, I need that and say I got this. Oh gosh, you valid. What is going on here? Is that real now? We’re good.

Okay. Here we go. So now we’ve got our label. Now we’re going to just say like this, where it’s going to go like this. Right. If label equals equals equals name

and label equals, it goes, I can do a switch statement here, but did I get that right? Start typing this? So

let’s try that. I don’t do like that. I don’t need that extra there. And the officers, when the address is when we’re going to say we’re done and it’s going to go through again, fix 6, 6, 6. Yep. Like that. Now the only time this would be weird is if there happened to be one that didn’t have an address field, like this wasn’t here at all.

Like there was no block here. It didn’t say address because otherwise it would never push in. And then it would just go through and be not formed or what. We’re also assuming the address is always at the end, which I think is, it looks like it’s pretty safe. Anyway, over here, we got some officers here. Oh, title though is going to be based on that gross.

I would like to find another one,

uh, 50, 50 must be the most returns. How come I can’t see that. Yeah. Okay. Active. How about this one? Nope. I want to see some of this and this there’s the only two though. Okay. It’s always only going to be chief executive officer or principal executive officer. Okay. We can do that pretty easily.

Bell. Nice and parse for us. Thank you for using. The LLC like that also what’s the difference in service of process? I dunno. All right. Anyway, we’re back over here to ask let’s hope and pray homies. Let’s go.

Let’s see here. Come on six 40 logs.

Hey, baby. We got some officers here. Yep. Check, check. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good. Oh, look, we did it. Yeah. 27 minutes. That took a long time. Okay. We’re done. That’s it. But after PR we’re going to go. Thanks. We’ve got officers in Pennsylvania. Thank you.