An API for delinquent property taxes. Search by county, state, tax due, and delinquent years.

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Allows you to search for tax delinquent properties via API!

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This API is still very early in production so we don’t have a page up yet on our website but that is coming soon.

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You can also use our javascript SDK to easily make calls to the API. SDK –


Okay, Jordan Hanson here, cobalt intelligence. Um, I’m here to talk about, uh, we have, we’re just adding a new delinquent, Texas API don’t and have a page for it yet on my website. Um, but we have it and we’ve been using it for awhile and, uh, we’re opening it up for public use. If you need API keys, just let me know.

I don’t know how we’re gonna work out, billing it for the, for this probably a little few betas at the beginning, I guess. Um, but so what we have really is just an API. This is a DUL you’ll have, right. Coldwell intelligence tests, liquidity you’ll have county and you just pass parameters that you want to search for.

So like county state now we don’t have very many counties and states, uh, this data, we all have to get individually per county. We have to parse it and import it and normalize it. So we have counties such as king county right now, Tarrant county, Texas, ADA county, um, Cleveland county and North Carolina.

And over here, you can search by how much one techs do. Like, for example, let’s say we want all counties. Uh, delinquent tax properties in ADA county. So we have 1,534 total. Now let’s say we want to get those that are greater than 500, which means they owe more than 500 total come over here. I like this and well, I’m important right here.

That’s how I’m showing this and you just make sure to get API key and there’s 1200 deer. So here we got some of the properties right here and see like total do it’ll show the amount due per year and the owner information. And the property address, all of that kind of information. Now, again, this is for all of them.

So Tarrant right here, let’s say greater than 5,000 Terrence, a lot bigger. There was a lot more, I think it was 45,000 properties with delinquent taxes over there. So this one right here has 2,500 and, um, this is for pagination. And so if you want to get intense, you can do pagination. Um, we also have, uh, an SDK right here.

Let me show it. Yeah. So we have an SDK right here. It’s very simple. It makes it really easy to use. So it’s in JavaScript though. So hopefully, you know, JavaScript, if you have JavaScript, this SDA SDK makes it really easy. You just go new delinquent tax API, you’ll install it. I’ll have this all in the links.

Right. And then you just, all you do is say constitute delinquent tax API, and you just passing your API key and then you send it over here. Um, then you just do this and it’ll handle this next page. Key information, like watch, for example, a simple right now, here we go.

See that’s going through it. I’ll just pass me through those. So that’s how you do it now. I’ll probably do some more individual videos for each county to try to go through and try to explain how this works and what the data looks like. But there it is. That’s the cobalt intelligence, delinquent taxes API.

Now this is property taxes. We’re looking at here, delinquent property taxes. This is useful for people searching for, uh, distressed properties. They really want to be able to find those. Um, and here we go see response. We have 3,830 8,000 records in Tarrant, Texas that have, that are greater than 500. So it goes, so that’s a lot 38,000 properties right there.

So here’s an AP. For a delinquent taxes in property. If you want an API key, let me know. Um, I’d love to have people in there using it again, billing. I don’t know how we’re going to work it out yet. Apply have to be something by property searched record, which is, I don’t know. We’ll figure something out. Um, and that’s it.