California Secretary of State business data via API

The Cobalt Intelligence Secretary of State API allows you to get business data all via API!

Reach out for an API key.

Example of calling by business name:

        const url = `${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;

        const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
            headers: {
                'x-api-key': this.apiKey

Example of calling by entity/secretary of state id:

        const url = `${encodeURIComponent(sosId)}&state=${state}`;

        const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
            headers: {
                'x-api-key': this.apiKey

Test and get API key here –

SDK and examples here –


Good morning. Here we are. I’m Jordan Hansen. I’m with cobalt intelligence today. We’re going to talk a little bit about how to use the cobalt intelligence, SDK to search secretary of state business data while searching the state of California. So California, secretary of state entity search. Here’s our example.

Um, there’s a search in this way. We can compare Canada. So. And the one we’re going to be searching for today? Uh, well, we’re going to try a few, but I’m going to grab the first one. I have a list here of businesses. Let’s search for this guy. Okay. Not that one. It doesn’t show up there. Let’s get one that does exist in California.

There we go. As a business. Okay. So we all this information here. We’re going to come over here and, uh, we do the same thing here, and then we hope this works here. That’s the idea. Here we go. And it should show up momentarily. Come on. It’s gonna work. Okay. On the, there we go. Perfect. There also all the information.

Okay. So this is how we do this. We go over here to the, this is I’m using the SDK. I have an example. This is public. I’ll put it in my, um, YouTube comments and you can go over here. And this is what you would do if you’re using API without the SDK. So you’re going to, here’s the URL. You’re just going to go like that.

You paste that URL in it, that’d be in the comments as well with a search query. You can code the Y U R I component. Just in case you have some weird characters in there, then you pass in the state and the state will be a abbreviation. It could be CA or it could be the state name. California is fine too.

And then you just put your API key in the header, just like that. And that’s it. You send it off and you’ll get the data back and it will run an example over here like this, and let’s say. Wait get business. What’d I call it, get business details, right? Why are you to go, uh, already have it right here.

Okay. We’ll go over this and we’ll say good details.

That was bad. So I would say D I get this one. I. That’s best. I would say too. Okay. This with this, we’ll say California, and we’ll get this business name right there

and then we’ll search it right there. We’ll go. Oh, I’m going to bring that down to the bottom so we can see it.

I’ll call it California. Cause that’s what it is. Okay. And then we’ll just say MPM start. Okay. I was going to call it this function, which this is, if you’re using the SDK, it initializes the SDK with the API key, and then it’s going to call it to that function. Bam. There it is just like that. So you just, if you use an SDK, you’re going to initialize it with an API.

And then you’ll get the details back and that’s it to just initialize it. And I call that function with the business name in the state. And there you go. Now, if you want to do a directly go over here and you say right here, you just do this kind of thing. Now, if you want to do the SQS ID, we’ve over here like this, and that’s good that right here, California, by SOS ID, we’ll bring that down here.

Get by name by SOS ID. Now we can go over here, look at that. I suppose, Haiti right there, and that will do this and we search it over. And this is the same thing over here. It looks like this is called this function. This is if you’re using the SDK, if you’re going to call it normally without the SDK, come over here.

You said good details, bad sweats ID. It’s going to be exactly the same. Function. The only difference is instead of passing a search query, you’re passing SOS ID in here and code it to be safe. And that’s the state API key, the same way you’ve done this right here. We won’t use it. Um, for California, the end.

That’s all. Okay. That’s California done.