Cobalt Intelligence joins TinySeed

Who wants money? You? How about you, in the back?

I want money. But I’ve never wanted investment money. To me it meant giving up some of my freedom. It meant what I pictured of a typical startup. Like a “Silicon Valley” from HBO startup. A bunch of dudes eating crap food and never sleeping.

I have a family. I coach my son’s baseball team. I play summer softball with my nephews and nieces. I’m not moving to silicon valley. I’m looking to spend 80 hour weeks to hopefully build a billion dollar company.

I just want to create my own business that is awesome.

So why did TinySeed change my mind?

TinySeed is built for people like me. A startup accelerator for bootstrapped, B2B, SaaS companies. People that are ambitious but don’t want to push for a billion dollar investment. And while the money is nice, the mentorship is why I came. Amazing mentors and a cohort of other founders like myself.

I’m really grateful to be accepted into TinySeed. It’s only been a month and it’s already been such an amazing experience. I’m looking forward to the next year with TinySeed.

Here’s a video with some of my thoughts vocalized.

The official TinySeed announcement:

Here are the other awesome companies in my batch:

  • TextRetailer brings a zero-click shopping experience to SMS text messages
  • Filljoy is on a mission to reduce plastic waste. The company builds B2B technology solutions to serve the growing zero waste movement.
  • Bommer builds plugins for CAD that engineers use to build their bill of materials faster, with fewer errors and fewer interruptions
  • NoteRouter helps real estate organizations and professionals grow their business each day
  • DocSales empowers B2B sales teams to sell more, faster with much less effort, by automating the Sales-to-finance processes
  • Aiprentice helps architecture, engineering, and construction firms standardize their construction documentation
  • Spraye Software helps lawn fertilization & weed control companies save time and money
  • Jamyr scales video content for recruiting with customizable playbooks, video editing automation and products that integrate with social media, career sites, job postings, and more
  • Automata helps marketing teams produce more content in less time with AI-powered distribution and repurposing
  • PromoPulse amplifies the sales of branded merchandise through a suite of marketing tools designed specifically for the promotional products industry
  • Knackly eliminates wasted time and errors by automating your document-creation process
  • Accomplice is an AI-powered software platform that helps users with design tasks create 100% unique and royalty-free icons, backgrounds, illustrations, and more. It’s where I made the sweet featured image for this post!