Connecticut Secretary of State Officer Information

How to scrape Connecticut Secretary of State officer information.

Conecticut’s Secretary of State business search –

Need secretary of state data in bulk? We can help!


Hello, I’m Jordan Hanson. I’m here with Cobalt’s intelligence today. We’re going to do get some officer information from the Connecticut secretary of state business search. So you can come over here to the Connecticut secretary of business search. You can search for businesses. I searched for. It sounds pretty yummy.

And then I came down here and I am looking for like a business or a check it out and we’re going to get officer information added right now. We can get all the data when we’re doing it all with fetch. It looks like, I think directly to there. Yeah. Cool. We’re doing it directly to their

Ajax. We do The APS stuff. Cool. This may make it easier. So we have principal information here like this right here. This is the principal details we need. Let’s refresh that page. So we’re in here.

We’ll get these special requests. That’s a lot of them.

What’s up, what’s in this thing. I think this is what I want. Is it not this? No. Let’s look, I look at this one. It is

S S S S sites wall blue bird. Okay.

Is it going down and then do I parse out? Oh yeah, look, actually you could turn value. So it’s an actions is what I want.

This one doesn’t look great. Oh, it’s in the.

Huh? We have inside here, turn value and then another one returned value. Okay. I have several different ones. So here’s the return details inside returned to details. We have, see, look, we took principal’s list. This needs to be agent we’ll fix that right there.

Turn details. Is this the wrong one, then I’m going to search for sites.

What’s the difference between these

are one. You think that moment to remember all this, how this all works.

And this isn’t it like? There’s no way. That’s it?

Is it the, oh, it’s the data? Isn’t the twisting of the body or pace or saying different stuff in these requests. Okay. Nope, not that one. Nope.


oh, there’s a list of stuff or something and we’re getting close. Don’t worry. We’ll be there in a second. Come on. It’s gotta be this one. What are all these

just can’t be it. These other ones. What the heck might, where am I? Oh, these are the list of businesses. Oh, wait, what? I thought we were inside the business. Where are we? Okay. Over here. It’s the most recent one look. Okay. My gosh, that was a painful day. Hoped. It would be okay. Business, agent, name, business, agent name.

Okay. What’s the actual business name. All right. We’re going to change this stuff. Oh, it’s probably so small for you to see. Let’s make it. We’re going to be here in this API at all the whole time after all. Let’s go over here. We’re going to change this right here,

right here to this right here. See check bam. Oh, wait. No, I like that. Turn details. The dot have this. Perfect. I love it. When it’s like, this feels so good. Oh, look at this bilin list documents off. It makes me so happy. I want to cry. Okay, everybody, this

I go for a nice four loop. I next two weeks turned details dot principle details list, and it looks like a nice little array to me with two objects inside. Perfect. Yeah, just like that in the morning I called this it’s a book called that how’s that I liked that. And then we go, const officer, it’s going to be an I officer.

We’re going to import that. And the name will be a principle. That business principal name. And his title will be or principal title that is already in the agent. This is like so pretty. This is just, where is it? Dense it through us. I don’t even know what to do with that, but that’s what I want.

I don’t want the business address. I want the agent’s address. Okay.

And then we go const address right

away at this

address. Comma, principal dot.

No, I need to fix that up here. Hair that needs to be fixed. He will fix that. I don’t like that. And we go street, city, state zip, and we go officer DOT’s tree Petra. I see. Let’s get it right.

Nope. Yes it is. C

zip. Then we say, if business details dot officers, then. This is details that officers at that push officer else, maybe go business details that officer’s equal the re officer

and we like it. Okay, good.

Oh, that’s we need to get documents too, but get officer for me. And then we go over here and we say, This right here. Yeah. Okay, good. I want to see, there is no agent addresses. Oh, right there. Agent mailing address. But this, that, that should take care of that. Passing the major agent. Now, may I address cheeky check?

beautiful. And then we’re going to come over here and do the same thing for,

I don’t even know if it’s doing that, but get document

formation for. Returned

details dot, fighting list

document. Oh, wait bio. Sure. This, this. How’s that. And don’t say cons document because I document, and then we name, file dot what he got for me, not the ID


And then we have date file dot, filing date time. It’s probably that because that’s nice. So now time and it should just be oral. I think that’s this thing. Digital copy.

Yep. That’s it.

Look at that

their email addresses on that. My friend. Hmm.

Remember that one. Okay.

Just like that I’ll buy that has this one of the easiest ones we ever had ever, or what. Pretty easy. Assuming it all works. I don’t know how, I wouldn’t know where I’m making any new request for just parsing existing data. Get commit. Oh no. The hardest part spelling Connecticut.

Goodna to cut search. This is the in fourth grade. Hold on. Can I get, can I get a search? Okay. So at least in Idaho, I don’t know how it is in other states. I think so. Every fourth grade does every fourth grade. Learn about states.

Let’s see what grade you learn about states? No, it’s not geography.

Well, I dunno, whatever. In fourth grade we did, we each picked our own state. I think my kids have done it too. So it’s pretty common to do your own state, whatever, at least here in Idaho. And I think I picked Connecticut, so I’m kind of ashamed, you know, cause I feel some loyalty to Connecticut and I’m kind of ashamed that I am struggling to spell it, but to be fair, it’s a pretty weird one because phonetically it’s not the same as how you spell it.

Cause it’s connect. I’m going to connect it. Cut C connect it. Cut. They’re not phonetically the same. So it’s kind of hard kind of throws you off. It makes a little more difficult? Nah. Ah, nah, that’s good. That’s good. Okay. It’s going up. Let’s check out. We’re doing over here. We’re building. And so search our actions.

How are we doing? Oh, it’s done with master K that’s the case. I have it open.

What is it anyway? What is this?

Business detail. There we go. This thing, please.

Yep. No, that’s great. Wait. No. Oh yeah. I’m going to prod probably right here. Yep. That’s good. That’s good death. Cause I haven’t to put it into product. Yeah. it’s not in prod yet on the deaf.

Oh, beautiful. Oh my gosh. It’s so beautiful. Let’s pick another one software because, well, I build software. I’m proving it right now. Come on. How’s like accounting. Let’s see. All right, got this city looks right. It looks good. Oh my gosh. It looks really good. No, no URLs on this guy right there. You where else?

Oh, it is. There’s no active one. Hold on. Why? Why, why didn’t it prefer the active business? 463 results found and you didn’t find it that hold up.

Are we not checking for active here? What are we just returning the first one?

This huge thing. Okay. I’m sorry. I wish I w I don’t want, what if I want to overview? I want these to gone to hide. Okay. Whatever this action for return value, I’ve turned it down. There’s a bunch.

What would I do? Would I return in my

The name of software testing services. Not this one. That’s for sure.

No, this is not I’m fixing this too. What the heck is going on here? Okay, so we’re coming.


I have this

like that. Right. And if it needs this one, Desired business equals business, right? And then it’s going to keep looping, but we’re going to see if business stop active. We make a type for this. Even we did look at that status, their status business status equals criticals active. We break now if we come down here,

so it gets to more than 10 because otherwise we’d get 500 of them now listen, alternative businesses. Okay. So it’s going to start so.

I was going to end at 10. I don’t want to do that though. So hold on. Every time it matches, what do you go? Okay. It’s not active, not active, not so let’s say the first one comes through. It’s not active except this one. That’s okay. We’ll keep it. I think by an active one, then we break, we come over here and we do it

because it’s not having an else here. This shouldn’t as long as it has one here

and I’ll be this,

here we go.

At that.

Oh boy.

Okay. Now let’s think about that. So we’re going to loop through the all day, this, this list here. If the name matches, we’re going to say sweet. This could be a good one. We’re going to put it in our desire or an upset as our desired business. And then if it’s active, we’re just done. Not going to keep looping done.

We’re going to break all this will end. We come down here. We return it. If otherwise, if it doesn’t match, then it’s gonna start pushing stuff in here. Oh, what’s going on here now, if it gets to where there’s more than 10 alternative business names and there’s no doubt as I would business, if there’s, oh, I want this to stop.

It doesn’t matter is gonna look through them all. That’s fine. Okay. I think that’s okay. I’m not gonna try spelling it again because that sucked. Okay. Now I want return. Better? No, actually you can’t see it actually check active businesses.

So we have to make some assumptions when we look for this stuff. And the assumptions are that, that you are going to send a name. That’s pretty close. We don’t think you’re just sending whatever. So if you send a name that’s pretty close, we’re going to try to get the active one for you. If you sit in an exact one, then we’ll find one.

Even if it’s not active, right. We don’t care whether it’s active or not. We’ll find it here. And we’re going to guess it’s at least the top 10. No, we’ll go through all of them. In fact, this is going to go through all.

This is the only the business name doesn’t match. Yeah. I like this let’s see would work. Well. I think so. I think right. We don’t care about that monkey business. Okay. That worked good. This is all good. We’re building. Come on. Let’s get our thing ready or their STK. Who’s ready. I’m ready to see if we have email addresses on these other businesses too.

It’s always interesting when we have email addresses and the documents, and I should keep a note of which ones they are. Okay. Come on,

come on. It’s building, don’t worry. It’s like, you know, and get hub, but it’s building and it’s just like yellow. I don’t know if you ever building. Running tests, making sure it all passes. And everything’s good. That’s going to deploy it out to Lambda for me. Come on, come on please.

Hmm. A little tickle in my throat. Okay. 20 minutes. Oh my gosh. I thought this one was going to be so easy. Okay. I sidetracked though, to be fair. It was really pretty bad. And it felt really good. That one, cause we were just going through all this, Jason. So the fact that it’s taking longer, I don’t think it’s an accurate representation two minutes ago.

Come on, Connecticut. I refresh, I bet it’s done. Can they do that? It’s about long polling, whatever. Come on.

There we go. Different one and look. It’s alive. Oh, wait, this is a foreign one to

very interesting. Very, very interesting. Okay. I also was in account. I feel like I’m the pretender. Anyway. Lots of things here. That’s fast. Kevin, you okay. W what, what. How come this guy doesn’t have one.

Where’s your, what? The blimey hick. Okay. What’s his name? Accounting works, LLC. You just don’t need a certificate of organization here, buddy.

Where’s my search. There is. I like how I know I’m zoomed in, but it is all big here. That’s the only one that we turned into search for accounting. Well, it’s like those files one and know how come

it’s interesting. Let’s look over here. We’re just perusing at this point.

I don’t know why has two pages, but it doesn’t have it in their tax. So it’s not a hard and fast rule, I guess, but I would have expected to have it. There’s that one right there. There’s a one.

Is this? Why is this one different?

sweet. Alright. That’s it. We’re done. Cheeky check. We’re signing off.