Delaware Secretary of State business data via API

The Cobalt Intelligence Secretary of State API allows you to get business data all via API!

Reach out for an API key.

Example of calling by business name:

        const url = `${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;

        const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
            headers: {
                'x-api-key': this.apiKey

Example of calling by entity/secretary of state id:

        const url = `${encodeURIComponent(sosId)}&state=${state}`;

        const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
            headers: {
                'x-api-key': this.apiKey

Test and get API key here –

SDK and examples here –


Delaware business data for Delaware. Secretary of state business data for Delaware, Delaware. This is Jordan I’m Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt intelligence. I’m not here anymore. I’m gonna go to a different one. Let’s see Delaware now, Delaware. Let’s see if I can find this thing here. Yeah, this is it. This is Delaware.

Okay. Let’s talk about Delaware. Getting business data for Delaware. Um, anything registered with the state of Delaware? We’re going to talk about it. Secretary of state data Delaware is cool because it’s very business friendly because of this. A lot of businesses registered their businesses in Delaware.

They prefer it in Delaware and they had this huge database of tons of businesses. And it’s very hard to scrape, but we’ve done it. It’s ready. You can do it now, Delaware. That’s the test it over here. Just make sure I have a business name on my test it to make sure it actually shows up. Okay. Not that one.

Let’s try a different one. I hope this one shows up. I only have three examples. So if you wanted them, there we go. Find it. And please Delaware, like I said, look, I don’t know why refresh there, but it did. Oh, I had to submit. I’m not a robot. I’m not look at me. Hello. I’m not a robot. Okay. I’m Delaware here.

It’s running. Okay. So this is my telephone. So tricky. Okay, Delaware, we’re going to hang out here for like a minute or two while there’s runs, because it takes a long time and you saw how long that took. Okay. But here it is. So if you want to do Delaware with out the SDK, we have an STK built the JavaScript SDK.

It can really make dev things like Delaware, incredibly easy because Delaware can be tricky, but if you want to do without that’s great. I applied. Come over here and you have a URL, you pass in the business. So you pass in the URL, the URL. This is the URL for the API. You pass in the business name in the search query.

You pass in the state. And in fact, I’m going to get this run in the meantime, because it just takes so dang long for Delta. We’ll talk about it as it goes though, Delaware. Okay. You pass it in the business name, you pass in the state, you pass in the API key, and this is where it gets harder. You have to do retries.

We use Amazon API gateway. It takes like two minutes for Delaware. And that’s a long time. We realized that we can’t leave an HTTP request hanging that long. So what we do is we make this long polling, which is beans. We start collecting the data. And then in the meantime, you have to keep checking. And what this does.

So if you’re calling directly, you’re going to call over here. First, it’s going to return a retry ID. And then what that retrain ID, you had to keep retrying. So you go, okay, I got to retry this. In fact, this is what we do. So you call over here. It gets retried. The, if there’s a retrade, D we start with trying the business details and we try an art SDK every time.

Now you can retry every 30 seconds. Like I said, it takes a while and it gets keeps you trying right here for Delaware until we get it done. So the server right now is doing the work. It’s trying to find the data it’s retrying, but again, you saw how long it took just for us as humans to go through this.

And we had to hit a capture and capture, take a long time to solve for us because we’re doing it in an automated fashion. So it’s going through right now. It’s solving that data. It’s saying, okay. Bam retry the redraw ID. This is if you don’t want to use the SDK, totally understand. Don’t have to do it, but if you want to use the SDK, this is what it looks like.

This that’s, it we’ll handle all the retry for you. So you just initialize it with the API key. You call get business details. And did you run it today? It runs, it comes through here. It says, okay, get the right stuff. And it’ll try all the retail, all the business details for you. And that’s what’s happening right now.

So I’m running this function right now. You’ve seen how much work I’ve had to do type in the name, type in the business state and send it out there. And then the tries like it’s doing now, how long has it been going for like 12 minutes? 15? How long we’ve been here? An hour. Just kidding. No, I’m not going to run this again for the SSAB.

Cause you saw how long it’s taking. What you do when you come over here and you would have the exact same thing, you’ll just take the SOS ID. If you’re calling, normally there’ll be the same thing. You just come over here to get details. Basket. I say you call the URL. Here’s the SOS ID. Pass it in. I’ll look at that.

It’s done passing the state of Delaware and then you pass an API key and then you’ll get a retry D you need to keep retrying. If you want to use the SDK to come over here, get details by SOC. And you pass in SOC passing the state done. We handle all the retry DS that’s Delaware getting business data for Delaware, but the cobalt intelligence, secretary of state API, boom.