Delinquent property tax api. Using the SDK to search Ada county, ID

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This video focuses on using the SDK to get properties with delinquent taxes from Ada county, ID.

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Hello? Hello. Hello Jordan here from cobalt intelligence, talking about the leak delinquent tax API. Um, now this is an API that will allow you to query a delinquent property property. I cannot ever say this properties with delinquent taxes. Uh, the goal here is if you’re trying to find motivated sellers.

So the cool thing about this is a lot of the software out there. Um, doesn’t have this kind of information. So this right here is an API you can use to query. Now there’s an SDK right here. You all have this link in the comments and the SDK talks about, uh, allows you to easily make these calls. It is a node package between JavaScript.

So you’re going to come over here. You’re going to install it just simply with this. You have to get an API key for me, then you import it and then you’ll just initialize right here. Okay. This, and then all you do is say a weight, dealing with taxes, get delinquent taxes, and you can pass in various information.

You are very interface of what is used and things like tax account number, which is actually the parcel ID, uh, the state, the county, uh, how much, uh, taxes amount they want to do or greater than amount, uh, less than amount of taxes or the exact amount, or you can also specify, specify, like I want it to make sure it’s delinquent at least in 2018.

Um, and then it’ll go through and find it. In fact, this query we’re going to start with here. We have a county of. Uh, greater than amount of $500. They owe more than $500 in Texas and delinquent years or 2018. So let’s try it. Tell me, run it now. ADA county is not very big compared to some of these other counties we’ve worked on Terrant or king county.

Um, you know, there’s not very many at all. So here we have total of two, an 81, and we’re going to go over here to the assessor. And this is the Idaho assessor right here. We’re going to grab the text account number and we’re going to put it here in the URL, which is going to right. Uh, this one right here should be currently owned by at this is actually owned by the county already.

Look, see primary owner, 80 county. Somehow the county owns property, Texas. I don’t know. Look here it is delinquent 20 16, 450 $9. Okay. All right, let’s go to the next one. So this is supposed to be Williams. Someone when Harris looks like, and there we go. So this property is also delinquent. This is you can see.

Oh man. Taxes do so they owe in 2019, they are $987. And then in 2020, they are 880. So there we go. It’s gone up a little bit again, because of interest. It’ll keep accruing, we’ll update this information periodically, but there’s a lot of data out there, so it won’t be every day and then 9 78. So there it is.

Um, and these are the ones for 18. You can specify not 2018, you can specify less than or exact amount. Um, but it’s. You’ll just need an API key. Send me an email, whatever. We’ll get you an API key, and then you can try it out. Uh, that’s it, the link for Texas for ADA county.