Delinquent property tax api. Using the SDK to search King county, WA

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This video focuses on using the SDK to get properties with delinquent taxes from King county, WA.

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Hello, everyone here I am. Jordan Hanson, cobalt intelligence. Um, I’m talking about our new delinquent taxes API. This allows you to search for delinquent property taxes or properties that are tax delinquent is what I should say. And for this is for use of realtors. Real estate investors are looking for properties that may have some motivated buyers or sellers.

And today I’m going to focus on king county, Texas, or king county, Washington. So. Uh, the SDK is in NPM. You can see it over here. You just install right here with M PMI, save cobalt and SDK. And then from there, you’re going to import these delinquent tax API or acquire whatever you’re going to take it from your library.

And you go to passing your API key. You have to get an API key for me, send me an email. Um, so-so do an appointment to talk and we’ll get you an API key. And then once you go in here, you just do something simply like, um, once you have initialized right here, you just say a weight. API good delinquent, Texas.

And you specify your county. In this case, I’m going to do king county and a greater than $500. So that means that they owe more than $500 in Texas. You can see your other options here that you can pass. Um, next page here, I wouldn’t use, this is going to be used by the SDK, um, to handle that. Otherwise you can search by tax scout.

Number specifically, if you’re looking for a specific property, a state county greater than this is a text do greater than, or less than texted later, less than, and totally. Also, you can pass in delinquent years. So here we go. Let’s run it. Now the cool thing about the SDK is it’ll handle any cash donation.

There’s a lot of data in there. Um, king county is a big county and there’s a lot of delinquent taxes, probably 10,000, I think right now. So what this is going to do is go through and, uh, this is too much data to return a one. So the SDK handles that it goes out and gets the properties and then returns them.

Okay. So let’s go confirm I actually have the kinks. Tax department over here up, um, we’re going to go through and see if we can confirm that this data is pretty accurate. So it looks like this is a business Austin and Capitol hill Ellis LLC. We’re going to go over here and search for it. There we go.

This is the product I’m going to go to the property tax bill and there we go. Tax your details. So this person in 2020, they will $500. Look at that 20 25 93. Exactly. Right. 2021. I won’t even have that one cause that’s not really blink, but in my opinion, 2021 is still current. Okay. Let’s look at the next property.

So we go over here and we’d go like here, this is the Elma. Well, who is the owner? Um, right there, Austin and capital LLC. So we’re good. All right. Now this is the Elma. Something let’s go over here and search for this one.

Prior details. Okay. Look right here. We have 2018.

Where is it? Okay. It’s not there because it doesn’t have anything to do. The only thing to do is in 2020 and oh $678 and 60 cents right there. That’s a total loop. So there you go. There’s an example of king county. Oh, let’s do something different. Let’s make sure. Let’s say delinquent years and we’re going to say.

Um, 2018, let’s say we want ones that are a little older because there’s already been some pressure on them for a while. So let’s do that. That are only in 2018. And we’ll see what happens here. It’s check some of those properties is what I’m saying. So there’s going to be less look, there’s a lot less total.

We had 1,496 that were great at this. So a lot greater than 500 properties or sorry, greater than $500 texts do with delinquent years in 20 years. So over here, we’ll say tax account number. Let’s go over here. We’ll check it out. See, I think this was in trouble. This is owner unknown. We don’t even know who this owner is.

That’s interesting. Look, it’ll at least not 20 17, 20 18. All these amounts and does match what we have over here. 20 17 37 44, 20 2404 99. Good. Now this next one right here. This is a business.

there we go. And 20, 21, 11 0 5 0 2, 20, 19 80 to 2 71 and 40 2018, 19 and weather. You know what I’m saying? Here we go. Just proven that it matches there. This is what the link, what years of 2018. So that’s the API. That was pretty fast. You got 1500 properties right there. They’re delinquent since 2018 with a greater than 500.

Pretty cool. Okay. So if you need API key, send me an email. It’ll be in the comments or you can schedule a date. We can talk and we have a little meeting and talk about what you’re trying to do with a real estate needs. Thank you.