Delinquent property tax api. Using the SDK to search Tarrant county, TX

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This video focuses on using the SDK to get properties with delinquent taxes from Tarrant county, TX.

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Hello, Jordan Hanson here from cobalt intelligence. I’m here to talk about real estate data. This is where people they’re looking for. Um, distressed properties, especially delinquent property tax. Uh, we recently launched an API for delinquent taxes, delinquent property, the properties with delinquent taxes.

I want to go through today, how to use the SDK, um, which I want to show here. So it’s on GitHub right here. We have information of how to, um, how to get it. So we have all these things of how it works and let’s go through it a little bit more. And today we’re going to focus on Tarrant county, Texas. So let’s say we’re over here.

We have cobalt intelligence, and actually I’m gonna do this Tarrant county property Stewart, or that I think I can go tax account search, which is what I really want.

Cool. We’ll try that in a second. Okay. So, um, all it is when you’re using this SDK, you’re just going to import it. You gonna install it with NPM, it’s a node package, and then you’re gonna initialize it, import it as, um, this like this thing with texts API from, of course, yours will be at, or will be cobalt and STC.

And then you import delinquent tax API and you come over here and you’ll initialize it with your API key. If you need the API key and you will, you have to reach out to me, send me an email or a comment, whatever. We’ll figure out some way to get you an API key. And then you come over here and you say constantly spots.

You’ll come over and you’ll say, get delinquent taxes now again on set. I’m focusing on Tarrant county, Texas. Now, these are the other options you can send in there. I would ignore next page key. If you’re using the SDK, it’s going to handle pagination because there’s a lot of properties in Tarrant, kind of Texas.

So you can pass a state, you can pass a county, you can pass greater than M, which is texts. Do you want text to greater than a certain amount, less than you can do total do or end delinquent years. So let’s just do, for example, we’ll do Tarrant county, Texas. Um, let’s make this bigger. Even. It has a text of greater than 500.

And then we start it and it’s gonna run and you can see right here, we’re kind of an example already here. Um, because there’s so many in Tarrant county, Texas, it has to paginates, it makes a call the database, it gets the data, it pulls it back and then it just aggravates it. And that’s really what this SDK does.

It makes it so you don’t have to send it the next page key and keep patching through it. So there goes, it should be about 30 something thousand properties, I think, which is a lot and Tarrant county, Texas at a lot 30,000. Um, anyway, so here it goes. I’m just going to go through. Iterate iterate. Almost done.

Okay. Oh, okay. Total records though. I know like this to him. I did that wrong. I wanted to look at the individual records here. We’re going to increase this to 5,000. So then we reduce the amount of properties we get. You want to wait as long. So we’re going to have ones that are greater than 5,000 texts.

Do I don’t know how many total there will be. There we go. Done. So for 5,000 texts, 5,800 properties of more than 5,000 texts. You. Okay, so here we have this information, then let’s go check this. I want to show how this looks. So if our tax account number here, let’s go over here to the Tarrant county tax website.

Count number. I’m not a robot. Go over here and look Priscilla. No, right there can look it up. Watch TV games here. Hold on. Whoa. There, okay. There. And you can see here, let’s look at, um, prior to you.

All yours can do that. All yours. Okay. So we have 2020, and it shows amount due for 2020 is $5,000. So that’s right. Look, see 18 and 5,000 a year. Bam. It looks like it’s increased a little bit since I’ve done it because it probably increased food. Do the taxes or let’s look at the next one over here, this next example.

And we’re going to go it’s right here. Tax accounts. And a new search. I’m not a robot go right here and we’ll click on it. This is Lisa Khan who see, look, this is verified Lisa Conn. And let’s go, how do I see all years prior years? Is that how I do it? Okay. So we know in 2020, she owes 1671. And here’s you at 1437.

Again, it’s the increasing because of, uh, 2019, she owes 17 88, 14 70 here. And then this is 2018. These are increasing a lot more maybe cause it’s gone longer interest. It increased faster. It’s been pretty soon as they updated these, but anyway, there it is. So, um, that’s how it works. You make this call right here.

Super easy. We pass in how much you want to send. I’m going to make this even bigger and then, okay. Terran county, Texas, uh, delinquent, Texas API. I also have a video that talks about, um, it talks about the API in general. If you want to look directly PA calls, you can, STK is probably gonna make a lot easier because again, that pagination is, can be a little tricky.

That’s it? Thanks.