Exciting conclusion of….DELAWARE!

Code – https://github.com/cobalt-intelligence/delaware-test

This handles Delaware. Just update the array of businessses with the businesses for which you want to search. It is incredibly slow.

So slow that in my production test I ended up making it search concurrently with 10 businesses at a time.

I use 2captcha as the service to help solve my captchas. Very easy to use and incredibly inexpensive. https://2captcha.com?from=7390140


Okay, this is the conclusion of Delaware. I realized I had made the two videos and then I finished the end of it after. So I’m just gonna walk through a little bit about how it works. And also I shared it on GitHub. It’s publicly available now. Uh, it’s going to be right here. Um, I cleaned it up a little bit from what I’ve done.

It is incredibly slow. We’re talking a minute, minute, 30 seconds each business. Um, what I actually ended up doing in production and I don’t have it in this code is actually did it. Asynchronously, like it goes through and it checks anyway. We’ll walk through the process right here. Okay. So this is what we have.

I haven’t even some sample businesses in here. So right here, let’s say we’re going and looking for this business. We’ll come over here, opens this page. It goes over here. It hits the name in here, and then it searches. Now a capture may show up. So we have to wait 45 to a minute to solve the capture. You hit submit.

Look. It doesn’t do it again. So you have to click this again. It’s a search again for the same one. This is what the code does it search and then bam, superior building services. It’ll open it up. Maybe. Now this is the thing, Delaware. Sometimes when you click this button, there we go. We’re here. It’ll grab all this data and they’ll put it into a nice little array.

It’ll handle it. Handle errors, no problem. And then it goes to the next one. Let’s go to this one. This we search. Takes a long time. Look at these. Oh, this when we didn’t need it. Nice. So we click it.

Okay. Sweet. Grab it and go to the next one. So slow. So slow. The side is like right here. Bam. The capture. Okay. I submit, now we have to do this again. Search.

okay. We’re just gonna pick whatever one matches the best. Exactly.

Okay. I don’t know why it searching for the same one that I was in right here. This is right there. Length.

I’ll tell them the big, throw it in here. I forgot I do it. Do that a little differently here because it sends it in and it’s expecting an array of businesses in here, which to gets, so it comes through here. Actually, all it needs to do is send a whole array of businesses in like this. Yes, that’s what we want.

Okay. Anyway, I’ll go through there and, and do these things. It’ll solve it now again, because it is so slow. I ended up doing asynchronously. So I had a list of 2000 businesses. I chunked them up into probably 10 chunks. So 200 chunks of 200 each. And what I would do is I I’d pass the array of 200 businesses into here.

And then I come over here and these would happen at the same time. So it would be 10 happening at the same time. I didn’t normally like to go about one a second. The reason why I didn’t care about this is because, I mean, it takes like one minute for one to get done. So I’m sitting there ones at one’s on there for a minute, the other ones at the same time.

So I thought I ended up at about, you know, six seconds each. So one per six seconds is probably about what I ended up doing. So not, not overly fast here. It’s very slow. Cause sometimes it, we have to handle all these different business problems. It comes down here, searches it, this thing, search capture.

Sometimes the capture shows up. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you click the button and it, you click the result and it comes back here. Anyway, this code right here, it’s up to date

cleaned up for final video. There we go. It’s public. It’s right here. Cool. With intelligent Delaware test. I’ll put it in the comments. I don’t have a read me. Sorry. Just. Bring it down, paste it probably at the end, the idea where you’d have some lists of businesses and you’d put the, you changes this to be your legal business name of what you want to be searching.

And that’s it. I got all the information for you. It actually worked pretty well. This, what I can say is I finally have a Delaware working slowly, but it works. It works. So there we go. That’s the end. That’s all. There we go.