Hawaii Secretary of State business data via API

The Cobalt Intelligence Secretary of State API allows you to get business data all via API!

Today we showcase how to get business data from Hawaii.

Reach out for an API key.

Example of calling by business name:

const url = `https://apigateway.cobaltintelligence.com/search?searchQuery=${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;
const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, { headers: { 'x-api-key': this.apiKey } }); 

Example of calling by entity/secretary of state id:

const url = `https://apigateway.cobaltintelligence.com/search?sosId=${encodeURIComponent(sosId)}&state=${state}`; 

const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, { headers: { 'x-api-key': this.apiKey } });

Test and get API key here – https://cobaltintelligence.com/secretary-of-state

SDK and examples here – https://github.com/cobalt-intelligence/cobalt-int-sdk


Hello there. I’m Jordan Hansen. I’m from cobalt intelligence talking about the secretary of state API today. Um, we’re going to Hawaii, uh, Hawaii. We just added the support and we’re talking about a video of how to use the API to access it. I’m going to start off showing with the SDK. We have a JavaScript SDK.

We’re gonna get the business name here. So there’s one right there. I like this one. The best it’s active should have that one. That one didn’t return very well. It’s quite this. Garcia and Hawaiians AHI and how it works with the is it looks like this. You import the SOS API. You add, you pass in an API key, and then you call SOS API that give business details and you passing your business name and your state, and then leveraging the details.

Let’s try it out. So PM start, you can also search by SOC.

It’s going to get ready to do that right now.

You don’t have to use the, the STK. We’ll talk about how to use that S ER, uh, API directly right now. Oh, there it is. Sweet. Great. That worked great. Now we come over here, enter this and now it’s going to be the same thing, except for the, we call it the different method. It’s get business details by SOC. We search while this is running.

I’m going to go over here and show you how it works. If you’re calling directly, if you don’t want to use the STK. Now, if you don’t have JavaScript, if you don’t want to code in JavaScript only have a no JSS to carry it now. So you’ll come over here. You’ll call this URL directly. You’ll pass me your API key, like this with X API key, and then pass your API key.

And then you do SLAs search search query with your business. And then your state and state going to be abbreviation or false. It doesn’t matter. You can also do a search by SOS the same thing slash search as well as D and the state. Okay. Now the advantage of the SDK is it handles any long polling, which means that if it’s an extra long request, because of like capture solving, um, it’ll handle all the retry.

These, if not, you can do it. So this is kind of what I do. Um, just go through there. I have videos of how to handle one polling. We can go ahead and use those to go through and do it, but there’s Hawaii. How to use the, so secretary of state API with Hawaii.