Hawaii Secretary of State Officer Information

How to scrape Hawaii Secretary of State officer information. Hawaii’s Secretary of State business search – https://hbe.ehawaii.gov/documents/search.html

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All right, Hawaii. We go off to Hawaii. I’m Jordan, I’m from cobalt intelligence. We’re getting officer information and documents. If they have it from Hawaii. So here we’re going to break right into it. So we already have all this built, starting to scrape Hawaii. We don’t have officer information done.

And so we’re going to go and try to get it. Pizza slices is one. We’re going to go looking at here. All right. So we know we have, oh, here we go. See managers. Here’s our age.

Our filings and that are managed. Okay. This shouldn’t be too bad. I just yet to see how it is in here. No address or information it looks like for that. No, it looks like there’s no URLs and documents. Okay. Documents. We can’t access all. Here you go. You have the purchase of.

No, that’s it certificate? I don’t know how bad this is. Definitely clickable. Okay. We’re just definitely we can’t talk. We’re definitely just doing officers here.

Oh, perfect. Look it didn’t an officer’s table for us. Oh my gosh. Show. Beautiful. Okay. Let’s do it. Constant officer rose goals. We’re doing this with. Nice officer’s table. I think that, and then we just go to body tr and then we’re going to go say officer rose that each index, which has a number and then element Cheerio dot element.

I thought, yeah, that’s a good, nice little arrow function over here. Happy trees, happy arrow functions. And then we’re going to say const name. I kind of want to, are we switching this name? I’m sure we are. No, we don’t have to anywhere else. Okay.

The name, he will like this. It’s going to be TV N of type one. Okay. I’ve talked about this. I feel like ad nauseum, but you know, you don’t see all my. I write them, make them also, I hear them all the time, but remember, look, if I used this selector right now, they’d probably be like a million hits 44, not that’s a lot.

So what will you do? This is the cool thing about Cheerio is when you’re looping through stuff, you can do this to scope it down just to that element. So within this element, it’s like local to this element and then let’s fix it.

Fix it, if it, if it has a comma like that, I won’t say if name dot includes comma that we’ll say name peoples

petty, this named up split comma.

We should do, we should do this. It should be named split. We go over here like this and we say name equals, and it’s going to be named split one

name, split Sierra like that. Right. We have. I have a comment in it for us, but on this column we have two different pieces. We take the first one, put it over here. That that’s the first one, the second one. Put it in front, just like that. Okay. And then we say Collins officer. Hi officer. We’re gonna import it equals this and name will be recent.

Find a corporation name and then type there’s no title. Is there a date? What else do I want? There’s no address. There’s no. Oh, sweet. We do have a title. Yes. And then we’d go like this PD and of type two. I just read the book. Teddy Roosevelt about Teddy Roosevelt, the rise of Teddy Roosevelt. And when he was a kid, they called him T but on TV and he apparently, he didn’t like the MTV though.

He wasn’t a big fan business.

And we go business that officer’s up. Push. I think we’re done here. I’ll already team that. Okay. I thought the one I just did, which was Connecticut was easy. This was easier.

Holy cow. I’m five minutes. Yeah. Why search Hawaii? At officer now to be fair, no documents

were pushed it up here. We’re in a bill it’s documents. Does that makes it a little faster? We should do this a few. Now. I was saying we should do this for our corporation because I don’t know. I thought maybe this right here has had manager. So it would say. Hang out. Cause corporate LLCs are managed by managers and corporations have not executives, CEOs, that kind of thing.

So I don’t know. What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say, what did I, what did this fix?

Well, what has changed at formatted something? White space differences. Oh, interesting. Okay, cool. Whatever. All right. We’re building, we’re building. We’re building. Come on.

Can we be done in less than 10 minutes? Do you think.

I’m trying for sure. Some officers here filled with like some cool heroes. I’m kind of bummed. How do you get these

where the by available knocks?

Okay, so you can do it. It’s the payer a little bit of money. Okay. We’re done building now. That’s go to our SDK. Oh no, Nope. I don’t want that.

I love Hawaii abbreviation. Who does Mo hi, pretty good.

Something else after that. Come on. Why? I don’t, I don’t know how fast you are at Hawaii. Actually. I can look the last time I took this 20 seconds. We have a pretty good high success rate with them. 90%. Perfect. It looks really good. Okay. Now let’s try a different software.

Well, I hear the worst one. Don’t tell anyone if I tell you Maryland, and actually it’s not as bad as I thought it’s bad. I can’t type 70%. That’s a C, but you know what they say about CS CS, get degrees. I should. So I’m getting entire datasets for these states. I should prioritize these from the bottom of Oregon.

Something was weird with Oregon. Because we don’t normally mess up Oregon. What does, what is this? Okay. Does it ink? So maybe they are different here. What title is that?

Not in good standing. Okay. Oh. He’s the president slash treasurer slash director. What else? And they’re probably like the vice president slash secretary now. Yep. Cool. All right. We’re done with Hawaii. Dang. Not bad. Pretty good. Now Hawaii has officer information. Yay. Good job us to yet.