How CyberLeads Uses Web Scraping and Timing to Make Money

When you’re looking for opportunities to make money by web scraping, the key is to find a way to solve somebody’s business problem. And one way to do that is to identify an event – something that, when it happens, is a trigger for someone to take action.

To illustrate, let’s take a closer look at one excellent example: CyberLeads.

What is CyberLeads?

If you run an agency business, cold outreach is a huge part of your business development mix. But you can spend hours on cold outreach without any return, if you’re hitting the wrong targets. Or, the right targets, but at the wrong time. That’s where CyberLeads comes in.

CyberLeads is a paid subscription service that promises qualified leads for agency businesses. These leads point to companies that are likely to outsource as they scale. The information provided includes multiple publicly available data points for each of these companies – including contact information for the decision makers.

This is high-value information for an agency growing their business: companies that are prime targets for outreach.

How does CyberLeads get their data?

The founder and CEO of CyberLeads, Alex West, recognized that there is opportunity in the action triggered by a round of funding. When a startup gets funding, they have money to spend. They want to scale, meaning it’s highly likely that they’ll outsource some of the work they need to get done. That work could include design, consulting, marketing and branding, sales, hiring, and more.

All of that spells opportunity for agencies that offer those services.

CyberLeads ensures that their data has value because they validate and curate that data manually. But – as their site says – they invest thousands of dollars every year in the technology that allows them to access that raw data. In other words: web scraping. Gathering timely information about companies that have just received funding, and indicators about the services they need the most.

What you can learn from CyberLeads

In every area of business you can think of, there are triggers. Something happens, which indicates that something else is likely going to happen. For CyberLeads, that trigger is funding. A company that just got funded is a solid lead for an agency business. CyberLeads uses that trigger to find and scrape data, and make money.

What are the triggers you know about? What actions result from those triggers? And – most importantly – what business opportunities do those actions represent, when someone has timely data? When you’ve identified those opportunities, you’ve identified a new way to use web scraping to make money, without contracting.

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