How to find distressed properties in Brevard county – DIY, no third party software

Get tax sale properties from Brevard county FL without using any third party software! All in about 5 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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To at Brevard County, we go, good morning. Here we go. We are going to Brevard County, Florida. Um, this is their real foreclose site w Brevard that real and it’s where they have their tax auctions. People use these to, you know, if you’re a realtor, if you’re a real estate investor, you’re looking for distressed properties, possibly people that are motivated to sell.

And these are people that if their property is going to tax auction, they’re probably motivated. So, what we’re going to do here was we built this. I built this little bit of code to make it very easy to collect this data. Um, I’ll have this comment or this just is what it’s called. They’ll have it in the comments you come over here, you copy this link.

Brevard come over here, paste it in. There is a calendar. All right. So we have a tax deed. Foreclosure looks like right here, click on it. And then, so you’ll just like the auction you’re looking for. Then you come over here, you copy these two functions. All the way down here to line 68, copy it. Then you have to open your developer tools.

What does he do? Right. Click and then inspect. Come over here to your console. You paste it in there. All right. Then you come over and get your next command right here. Wait, get data. Now, this is important. I’m going to paste this in there, but I’m not going to run it yet. You have to look over here at your total number of pages or eight.

You can see right here. You had to replace this three with however, the total number, however many total pages do you have to make this, you run it, enter and you wait until it says that defined, then you know, that function completed. Then you come over here and get this little function here. What this does is just copy that data and puts it in your clipboard right there.

Right? There you go, it’s in your clipboard. You come over here to this. I didn’t mention this before in previous videos, some kind of Jason to CSB converter. This is the first one I found. I Googled it and that’s where I found it right there. And bam it’s converted. So we’ve got it all here. With these opening bids, you can download this, do whatever you want.

And, uh, these are properties you could potentially buy. These are tax deeds. These opening bids are really small. So I’m guessing that some of these are maybe just land, but. It’s still, that could be very valuable to people that are looking to get a really good deal on property. And I think that’s it for this video.

So I’m with, um, Jordan Hanson with cobalt intelligence, we work with real estate investors or realtors or people that are looking to find good deals on properties. If you have a county, you want me to target? Let me know, and I can see if I can read a bit, make a video for it. Um, Or if we want to work together, let me know too.

I help people get out of this data in an automated sense. So they’re receiving emails with tax auctions or delinquent properties with delinquent taxes or absentee owners, any of that kind of information to make your real estate investing, realtor life easier. That’s it. We’ll see ya.