How to find distressed properties in Broward county FL – DIY, no third party software

Get tax sale properties from Broward county FL without using any third party software! All in about 5 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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Code here –

Broward auction site – Where to convert your data to a spreadsheet format:


Okay off to Broward county. We go, we’ve done this in Miami-Dade. Now we’re going to do it here in Broward. Same kind of idea. We’re here at their tax foreclosure site. That’s to burrowed up we’ll You can come over here. You can get the link you’re looking for right there. It’s going to be in the comments.

Come over here, paste it in. You are at your browser. Pick the auction you want to go to. So let’s say this one, the 18th of May. You kind of come over here and you’re going to get your functions. You’ve got to copy all the way down here to line 72. Then you’re got to paste it in. Then you’re going to come down here and run this function right here.

Oh, wait, kit data three. That’s important to note, whatever oxygen you’re on. There’s going to have a total number of pages. You always need to put the total number of pages right here. Three. So right there, if you have already been said total pages. So look over here, take it into sweet. And when it says undefined, it’s done, then you come over here and you copy this copy auctions here, right there.

And you have to run that right there in your console. Bam, come over here, paste it in there. Let’s refresh it and make sure if we’ve got a nice, good paste. There we go. All these properties from that auction right there with links to the parcel. Address and judge would amount for all these items and that is it to my friends.

So the cool thing is about, this is super quick. You can take this code. I know third-party software required. Obviously you just paste it in here. The code will be there. I’ll have links to all this in the comments. If you have a counter, you’re looking to target. If you’re on a different concept in Broward county, and you’re looking for tax auctions or.

Um, maybe absentee owners, other information. I can really get that information for you. Let me know. As soon as maybe I’ll just was created sample video of it, or maybe we can work together and I can help get you this data on a regular basis. Um, and I think that’s it. Thanks.