How to find distressed properties in King county, WA – DIY, no third party software

Get tax sale properties from King county WA without using any third party software! All in about 8 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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Good morning today. I’ll wait. This is Jordan I’m Jordan. Hello, Jordan from cobalt intelligence. Uh, we are going to go to king county Washington today, and we’re going to see if we can find a tax auction properties is what we’re going to try to do. I built out the code for this. You shouldn’t need anything.

All you have to do is just go over here to this link. I’ll have it in the comments and you start copying stuff and pasting it. Now, king county is a little different than the other. Uh, places we’ve gone to so far, they actually have a limit on how many you can get per 15 minutes. And, um, we’ll get to that.

We’ll talk about that. So first thing you want to do is you come over here to this link, with the code, and you’re going to go to this URL. Don’t copy these two first lines, but just copy this bar right here, over here. Copy that. And you’re going to come over here and paste it, and it’s going to show a list of all these and all it has right here are the parcels.

Now these are in foreclosure status. For some reason or another plight tax auction tax delinquency is what we’re assuming. And all we have is this parcel number. So what we also want is we want at least the owner and the may adjusted the owner because the ideas real estate investors, real estate agents, they maybe want to reach out to these owners and say, Hey, I would like to help you sell your property.

Or I would like to purchase your property. And that’s what the hair for. So what we’re going to do is first we come over here, we got to navigate to this URL. We’re going to open something called developer tools. And we do that by hitting and right click. And then we go inspect and we opened up this console and now it’s really small here.

So I’m going to zoom in, but they would come back over here and we’re going to copy code. So right now you’re gonna copy from this line right here. This is async function all the way down here to a weight. Get all properties that went to line 26, copy those control C and then pasted them. My ear then hit enter, and now they should all be in your clipboard.

And you can test that by hitting properties. You type it in there. Oh, come on, come on. 600 complete for me properties. Hold on. Oh no, it’s new clipboard. There you go. So if you, now they put in your clipboard, so you can see that. Now what we’re going to do is we go over here and we set over here and we’d do the same thing.

Now this is king county’s tax, um, site. And I have the link here. So you go over here. Oh, you should open this up first because you don’t want to lose your clipboard because if you copied this right now, I think you’re not going to have the properties in your clipboards, but you go over here, open dev tools, you go to console and you say, Proper keys equals you paste.

You can always go back and do it again. If you didn’t have that in your clipboard. Now this is going to sit there and you’re going to get properties and there’s your list of properties. And now we have all the parcel IDs. That’s pretty cool. Now what we’re going to do is go back over here and now we’re going to get the code for this.

Now this parts, uh, we have to. Or what we’re going to do actually is, so you can see this as an individual site at the end here, you can see the parcel number and the end of the URL. And what we’re going to do is we’re just gonna go here and in the background, it’s just gonna start making request to shoot like this.

It’s just going to go over here. My code’s going to go over there and it’s going to navigate through to these pages and get the information and put it into a link for us. So we’re going to do like that, where a copy of this. Yep. All this keep going all the way down here to the very bottom like that. Now, like I said, it limits how many you can do per hour.

So right here, we’re going to go over here and put where we want to start from. So if this is our first time, we know that we had what, 206 properties over here, um, somewhere it’s listed. Hmm. Yeah, 26. We have 206 total properties. So right now this is going to do the first 75. So we go over here and because we’re starting at zero like that, and you’re gonna see things start to go.

Right there. So I have it pausing one second in between each call. Um, that’s just because we don’t want to spam them. We don’t want to call them too many times too fast. So it was going to each one of these pages is going to each one of those properties is given how much they owe and it’s putting them into like a, a holder for us.

Now, when this hits 75, we’re going to get an error and the error is going to look like this. It’s going to say in the, in the console, it’s going to say this right here for 29, too many requests. And then we know, okay, we’re in trouble, not in trouble, but you can us the page. And I don’t, I think it’s like maybe every six and 16, six, 15, it resets.

I don’t think it like hits it. And then. I’m not sure how it works, but I didn’t have to wait a full 15 minutes because I think maybe the timer had already started. I know maybe that’s confusing, but the idea is you can come back in 15 minutes and then what you’d do is you’d paste all that again. But instead of putting zero in here, you’d put 74, you put 74 in there and then it would do the next group.

And then you’d put 74 plus, which we have one 50, right. One 49. And then when we get the next group and. And that would probably finish you off, right? Cause we’re going to two oh six and then you just take that. So right here, I’m going to wait till it finishes. It might take a little bit here. If we’re one 75 seconds is going to be a minute.

Um, so remember this is what I would do. If I was starting over, I would open up both of these tabs. So I’d go this one without that tab. And then I go to this one, open up that tab. Then you paste this section right here into the dev tools over here. It’s going to go through and do all that. And it’s going to put in your clipboard, then you’re going to go over here and paste the next section, which is pretty much the rest all the way down to the bottom like that.

And you’re going to paste it in here that one’s going to run through it. And it’s going to run through those and put them all into the clipboard for you. Then once you’re done, you’re going to go to this place right here. This is, or any I don’t care website, use some Jason to CSV converters. What’s called.

And, um, I, this is just the, one of the first ones I Googled. I just Googled Jason to CDC. It popped up and you’ll paste it in here. And eventually, like I said, you’re going to hit 75 and it’s an AC API calls, quota exceeded. And then you’re just going to wait 15 minutes and you can do the next 75. There we go.

Oh, we’re done. Okay. So here, we’re done. Now, when I come over here, paste it into there.

Bam. Good. That is 75 auctions right there. Cool. Yeah. Well, let’s show what we do now. Now we come over here and we’d say all to got those so that once we were done, so now we’re going to like this. We can see I’m going to show you what it looks like. Now. You’d want to wait 15 minutes, but that start over again.

So 74. Okay. So we want you to start at 75. Okay. It’s going to start going here and then probably, you know, Probably five seconds here or 15, I don’t know. And just a little bit here, it’s going to fail because you’re not going to do a hundred per 15 minutes, but I want to show what that looks like.

So we go look at that code. Go very exciting. It’s the same for me, because look, it sits here and it’s just making, it’s just doing all for you. It goes out through, this is what I love about code. It goes out there, it gets out there, go spam. See, this is what exactly what we expected. We have four 29, too many requests and that’s okay.

So what we’re going to do is just wait, and then we’re going to run it again after 15 minutes. So we’ll go over here. We download our CSV and then we wait for 15 minutes, then we’ll go get it again. And then we downloaded another CSV to watch. Now, if you refresh the page, see our broken for 15 minutes. So we wait, we’ll try it again.

But in the meantime, we have our CSV right here, then we’re good to go. Now, the good thing about this is we have things like. You have things like the name of the owner, we have the address of the owner and the address of the owner is all made an address for that winner and the tax year and how much they owe brief tax year.

So, and then the, the good thing is here. Here’s the link to the assessor. Which has things like the property address, which is kind of important. I know. So I think maybe the next thing to deal, I’ll go through and talk about how we can, um, use a list like this and go to do the same thing with the property assessor.

Like don’t want to do too much in one sitting here. Oh, this is an eight minute video. Okay. This one’s a little bit longer than I expected, but it’s cause we got to wait anyway. We’re done. That’s it pretty cool. Huh? That’s all.