How to find distressed properties in Orange county, FL – DIY, no third party software

Get tax sale properties from Orange county FL without using any third party software! All in about 5 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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Okay. Orange County in Florida. Here we are. This is not orange County, California, but we’re going to orange County, Florida. And we’re looking for tax auctions here in orange County. Um, here’s the website. You can go to this. Just copy here. It’s the calendar. Come over here, paste it in. There we go. Here’s our auction sites that we’re going to inspect under the goal of this is to get the tax auctions super simply no third-party software inspect.

Open our dev tools. We opened this console tab right here. Come over here to this. Copy our functions. Copy. Copy. Copy. These two functions right down here. Line 76, wherever that curly braces over here, we’ll paste it in. Awesome. I would come back over here and we say, copy this command await. Get data. Now this is important.

It says three right here, but it actually, Oh, one long page. Whoops. Okay, so we’re going to be in this right. We’re back here, but instead we have to go into an auction, so it picks the auction. We want to go to this. So the 25th go here. Then we copy all this right here. There we go. Remember, we have to run it from within the action page.

We’ll come over here, paste it in. Cool. To get our command, to get the data right there. And then we put in there. Remember we to look at how many pages we have. This is two pages. So we’ve got to change this three to two. We run it. If this is undefined, we’re good. I would come over here to this bottom. This is copy auctions.

That’s what we’re going to do right there. Copy actions there. I just went into my clipboard and I searched for their Jason to CSV converter. This is what I use, but you can look, they send a CSP converter. Right there. It’s just the first one. The list. Nope, not the first one second one. I like this better based

it’s magic. Okay. So what this does, like I said, goes to any auction. If you want to do another one, you just go to the next auction. You do the same thing. You paste it in over here. We take our code based on what you’re looking for, or also push it up. Wait, get doc, get data number, the number has to match right there.

It says two auctions. We had a paste that, and then we’d go up a copy auctions and outside thing or clipboard and do this again, like new properties right here. Damn, pretty happy with it. Um, so really quickly it’s a really quick way to get properties. So may our orange County here. Um, and this is what I am Jordan Hanson.

I do this for cobalt intelligence. Um, if you’re looking for a specific counties that you’d like to target, let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to, um, look out or you can just email me or whatever. Um, and we work with, uh, real estate investors, real realtors that are looking for, or property day. There are some motivated buyers and, uh, we doubt if you miss that’s it.