How to find tax auction properties in Angelina county TX – DIY, No third party software required

Get tax sale properties from Angelina county TX without using any third party software! All in about 10 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know in the comments!

Learn more about what we do at Cobalt Intelligence with real estate data – Code:

Where you run the code:,30.916356125972055,-93.51254673425001,31.635837153739583&offset=0&ordering=precinct,sale_nbr,uid&sale_type=SALE,RESALE,STRUCK+OFF,FUTURE+SALE&state=TX

Where to convert your data to a spreadsheet format:

Tax sale website:,sale_nbr,uid&sale_type=SALE,RESALE,STRUCK%20OFF,FUTURE%20SALE&county=ANGELINA%20COUNTY&state=TX&in_bbox=-95.09457798425001,30.9260755466838,-94.03989048425001,31.626190599800417


Okay, here we are. We’re going to Angelina County. Good morning. Um, this is for tax auction properties. These are properties that are delinquent on taxes, and so they may be good purchases. Um, this year Angelina County is the one we’re going to right now. Now we’re at the County or, sorry, the attorney we’re at the attorney site.

And, um, I found where the data comes from and we’re just going to copy it directly. So we have this code over here. This will be public, and there’ll be in the comments. Um, we’ll come over here to this I, the URL right here, you have to make sure not to copy this right here. You start at the HTTP, go all the way to the end, but not to look.

You can see at the bottom there. We don’t want to copy that stuff down there. We just want to go to the end here. Copy. Can you come over here? Paste it in there? It should say Angelina county, inter while this is running whole not doing fast again. I liked that offset zero. Okay. Now inspect. So right. Click inspect right there.

And you click on console. Have you done this before at all? Or at any other ones, you want to put it in here to the bottom and delete these properties, delete anything you’ve done before this. Right? And then it’s simple. We have this code here. We copy these two functions. You guys copied it from line 29 until I end four.

See where I’m copying there. Four to 29. You come up with a console and you load it. There, and then we’re going to execute those functions. Now this first one right here, it’s going to get the properties. What this does is it’s going to get the data out of this section, this displays 10 properties. And so we can get 10 properties per page.

What about this? We run it. See, look at zero and now it’s 10. So it should have zero to start with. If it doesn’t, you need to run that delete command. You come back over here to go to the next page. There we go. And then we’d go to the next page. That was automatically navigated us over to the next page right there.

That was fast. Now it’s easy up, up, up, you load the functions in the console again, bump and you go up up hope to get the properties again. It should go to 20. So we started with 10. Now. Now we have 20, cause we have 10 from the first page. Now we’re on 20 and then we go up, up go to the next page. Right there and automatically navigate.

There we go. Now we’re going to go up, up, up. Load the functions again. Good. Up, up, up. Get the properties. Look at this cruising. Now, now we’re 30. We’re going to say, go to the next page. Good. There we go. Up, up, up. Get the properties. I love the functions. Let me get the properties. And then we go to next page, which is empty.

So, if you get to this, you know, you’re done, you come over here. Now you get the things out of your console by going like this, in this command right here, this copy command over here. It’s going to copy them into your clipboard. Then you come over here to the site, or any Jason to CSP converter does it just the first one I found on Google.

You paste it, new Jason on here, and bam, you got stuff. So you come over here. It looks he as the properties here for sale. Has their street name, all the information, the parcel information, the URL, and they kind of sell list. And you could just download the CSV. That’s it easy as can be. So this is getting from Angelina county in Texas.

Uh, this Jess properties. There we go. If you need another county, I know I can find this from most counties. If you need to kind of let me know and I’ll do what I can to see if I can build something similar for them down to your end. Thanks.