How to find tax auction properties in Tarrant TX – DIY, No third party software required

Get tax sale properties from Tarrant county TX without using any third party software! All in about 10 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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Where you run the code:

Where to convert your data to a spreadsheet format:

Tax sale website:,sale_nbr,uid&sale_type=SALE,RESALE,STRUCK%20OFF,FUTURE%20SALE&county=TARRANT%20COUNTY&state=TX&in_bbox=-98.13492182910156,32.504039221667924,-96.72867182910156,32.93384389948348


Good morning, everyone. Here we are. All right, today I went through something a little different. It’s going to be something with no code. We have to download. This is going to be for as basic of a someone who’s not technical with code at all. Pretty much. I tried to make it so I could do everything for you.

And all you have to do is paste things in. Um, this is we’re going to Tarant Terrant, Terrant County, Texas. Um, we’re looking forward to stress properties, auctions. This is different from a lot of the ones that I’ve looked on YouTube, where they go to a third party software, which is pretty common. And it’s like, Prompt stream or ReboGateway and then they’ll go, I find the properties there.

This we’re going to not to pay for anything. We’re just going to go here to actually the tax sale property website. So you can see here, this is some lawyer that this has been assigned to, and they have X amount of properties here for sale in this area, and they do it by longitude and latitude. So if you scroll out and you can see there’s more properties that show up 384.

And so what we’re going to do, how this works, it’s actually kind of neat for me meet the software engineer nerd. Um, and here you can see all these results. I’m not going to go into that. This is what we’re going to do. So I’ve written this code here, get the properties is public. I’ll put this in the YouTube comments and what we’re going to do first is we go over here and actually all this data you can get.

Directly. So this right here, it looks like a bunch of code, but it’s actually all the properties already right there. So what we do is we go over here to this, just so this URL, you can go right here. Just open it up right there. And then that’ll open up right here. We’ll do it even look so right here, first over here, copy, go to the copy.

This URL right there. And then we paste. Oh yeah, the wrong thing. Hold on, cover here. But I’m doing this right. Copy. I still got too much was wrong with me. Right. Update this, even put that in his own lines. I don’t mess up like that

update. Okay. So we’re going to go over here, paste it right there. Okay. I got to hear that line at the beginning. Okay. There, there we go. Okay. No, it’s going to speed up.

You had to copy just this part. Don’t copy the line right here. That’ll mess it up. All right. So we go over here and we got all this, and then what you do is it’s just really simple. You just take these two, like this, you get these functions and you open your dev tools right here. So go like that. You can do that by going to inspect right here.

So I went right. Click inspect. Open up the console here. So the console right there, you paste those in here. So people can do bad stuff with your things this way. So don’t, if you don’t trust me, don’t do this. Um, all this does, and it has everything commented that it was doing all it’s doing. It’s getting the data from the screen and it puts it into something called local storage so that then we can save it as we continue through the pages.

The lame thing about this is there’s only 10 properties displayed per page. And so because there’s 300 and some properties, this is going to have to be done 30 times. So not the best, but still kind of fun. So we go over here and we pasted them in and then we go over here and we run these functions, go get the properties.

So this is the first one we run pasted in there. It goes like this. Hold on. I want to make sure I’ve already deleted all my current ones in there. This, there we go. Now we, now they’re gone. I go back here. Okay. My function to call it right there. Get the properties. Okay. So what it did is it, there wasn’t any, so any already, so it just added 10 and then we go here to our next function and it goes to the next page.

Now, now it’s going to be easy like this. So you get automatically redirects to the next page. Maybe come on. There we go. Now, all we have to do is go up, up, up like this. You can push up on your keyboard and it’ll get all the functions. When you push enter, it’ll load them into the console again, tonight, you can use them to push up up and say, get the properties sweet.

Then you say up, up, up, get to go to the next page. Then now we do it again, up, up, up, up, get the properties. Look. Now we have 30. And then we said go to the next page. Same thing, Lexi. Did you do this three times or so at some point, this page will be blank. They’ll say, okay, let’s just go over here. And this page will have nothing on it.

And then, you know, okay. I’m to the end, you’re going to get the properties and then we have 40, you go to the next page, pop up, get the properties, go to the next page. See just like this, bump up, get the properties because what’s happening. Uh, get the properties here, go to the next page. So then we have 60.

Okay. So I’m not going to go through all of this, but this is what you do. Just get to the end or whenever you want, I guess if you only want 60 properties, but at some point you’ll get there and why I’ll create another function for this in here, but it’ll say like this. So it’ll be something like this, Jason parse window, that local storage dot get item like this.

Yeah. Like that. And it’s going to go like this and it’s going to output all your properties, which is awesome. So we look over this and be like, okay, cool. For the best we have all these properties. Um, and let’s see if I can copy that easily. I don’t like how it’s copying do that. Hold on with this copy.

That’s what I want this again. I’ll have the same copy there. So that’s copied into my thing and you’re like this. Jason to CSV converter. I’ll put a link to this in there as well. So like this, um, paste my json text right there, there it’s all. in pretty format to that. Sales is all painted the street name.

It’s all there.

Great. Really? That’s it. So that’s all there is. We do that. Then you can download the CSV or however you want. Um, it doesn’t have to be this website, but this one will be the one I linked to. Cause it’s the first one I found. And you can get those properties like that. You didn’t need any third party software.

You didn’t have to pay anything for anyone else. You just go that running in there 30 times. It’d probably take about 10 minutes maybe. And, uh, these properties update. I know. So you could run this periodically if you wanted and then done, there we go. So this is the kind of work I do at cobalt intelligence.

I’ll package it up all for you and send it to you on a regular basis. And I can do it for any County. Pretty much. So there we go. Do this by yourself. Get your amazing properties. Go get some deals. That’s the end.