How to find tax auction properties in Wood county TX – DIY, No third party software required

Get tax sale properties from Wood county TX without using any third party software! All in about 10 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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Where you run the code:,32.42253239680847,-94.35381290270001,33.13032370909818&offset=0&ordering=precinct,sale_nbr,uid&sale_type=SALE,RESALE,STRUCK+OFF,FUTURE+SALE&state=TX

Where to convert your data to a spreadsheet format:

Tax sale website:,sale_nbr,uid&sale_type=SALE,RESALE,STRUCK%20OFF,FUTURE%20SALE&county=WOOD%20COUNTY&state=TX&in_bbox=-95.93584415270001,32.432095442299335,-94.88115665270001,33.12083541170552


Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. All right. This will probably be the final one I do, um, of this kind right here. This is in wood County, Texas. We are trying to get tax auction properties. We’re going to an attorney website, um, and they are in charge of the auctions. I’m assuming, and they have these sites here and they’re gonna be running them the action.

So I found where the data comes from. And our goal here is to see if we can quickly get all of these properties into a CSV or, yeah, that’s really a, an Excel spreadsheet. So we come over here. I have this code is going to be public. It’ll be in the comments. We’re going to come over to this URL line three.

We copied from here, the HTTP. We do not copy these lines. It won’t work. If you do copy from here all the way to the end. Not too far though, just to the Texas, we don’t want a copy in the deadlines below us. So come over here. We copy it. And we paste it in here. Now, while this is loading, we come over here.

We inspect right click on our page and we hit inspect right there. No click on console, and then we’ll come back over here and we’re going to get our code. If you’ve done any of this before you need to delete the properties that were already in our console over here, grab that kind of pacer right here.

It’s going to delete the properties done. Now we’re going to come over here and run our two functions right here. You got to make sure to copy from line 29 all the way to line four. Copy that. Paste it in here. There we go. Now we come over here. We copied the first function, the first execution. So we’re going to run the first function, which is called, get the properties we went right there.

So now we should have zero to 10. If it says 10 or some other number here first, then that means you still have some properties in Europe. And your console and your browser, so you can make sure delete those run, that delete command. And you come back over here and we’d go to the next page. Now from here, it’s simple.

Go to the next page. It’s going to refresh us. It’s going to navigate us automatically with up, up, up, just hit up on your arrow keys. We’re unloading these functions again. We’re up, up, up to load to get properties function, and then we go up, up, up to go to the next page. Now we do this. So what’s happening is we’re offsetting every time at every page offset displays 10 properties.

So we show from zero to nine and then we showed from 10 to 19. And so each time we’re going through each one and doing it, that’s why we, now we have 30 properties right here. You can see it here. It says 30. And then we automatically navigate to the next page. So, because we had like 77 properties, we didn’t do the seven times.

We’ll have them all this,

is it a load over that page? There we go. The properties are the next page. Now that the properties go to the next page. All right. Bump, bump, bump, hit the properties next page. And. Okay, look, there’s less here cause we’re at 72. See the count there’s total of 72. So we’re in the final two here. So whatever this again, if the properties, then we go to the next page, it should be empty.

Now this, you know, you’re done. You get to the end, you can stop being in town, of course, but this gets to the mall. Then you come over here to this command right here, this copies, all that data. We just got, it’s going to put it in our clipboard. Go. And then you just go find some site that can convert Jason to CSV.

I’ve been using Jason to, paste it in there, and there we go. See wood county. These are all these properties. We’ve just, we just got these all available for future sales. So let’s say you’re a real estate investor. You want to buy these properties. You come over here and say, okay, let’s look at this guy.

These people live here on this area, get their contact information, or have me get their contact information. Give him a call and you say, Hey, I’d love to make a deal on your, uh, to offer you something on your property and I’d go from there. That’s it. So there we go. That’s getting the properties in wood county, Texas.