How to get property data on tax auctions in King county, WA – DIY, no third party software

This video gets the tax sale property and then gets the property data such as property location and information about the property! All in about 8 minutes.

If you have a county or site where you’d like me to attempt something similar, let me know!

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King county assessor site –

Where to convert your data to a spreadsheet format:


Oh, yeah, there we go. We’re live. Good morning, everyone. Here we go. We’re going to, um, king county, again, this time we talked about last time, in fact, I’m going to show it. Here. Right. We did this thing, which is getting tax auction properties from this website right here. And I had a bunch of the properties, but it doesn’t really have any information.

All it has is their parcel number. So what we’re going to do, what we did last time was go get their tax information. Like how much was due for each property this time we’re going to take that same bit of data. Um, like all the list of properties here, we’re going to take them over to the assessor. And we’re going to get things like the property location, how many bedrooms, best, what type of land use it is, um, and get all that.

Okay. So we’re going to go over here. This is the, just, you want to go to this one right here? It says get property data, king county, Washington, and it will be in the comments. So you go over here, you go to this URL at the top right there. I probably should just, uh, close these just to make it all fresh.

Okay. So I’ll put a new tab, paste that in there and see here we are going to open your developer tools. What’d you do by hitting right click. And you say, inspect, click on console, and then you’re going to come over here and you’re going to copy this function right here. This will get all of them and paste them into your clipboard.

So, bam, this is undefined. You’re good. Now we go to the next section. Oh, I messed this up again. You need to go to this URL, have it opened. Otherwise you’re going to lose your clipboard. But this, there we go. So we need both of these open first and then we open dev tools to the console. And then we’ll go over here again and run that code again.

So we’ll copy this again. So I didn’t lie in three, then played 26. Come over here. Clear it paste it in there. Bam. And the five we’re good. Now we have stuff in our clipboard. Right? We can go over here to this one. We can just pay and see, we get this huge list. So what we gotta do is hit type this in properties is the one part you have to type in properties equals paste.

And essentially you just put in all that list of properties, there’s 206 of them into this. So then we come back over here to our code and we say, This right here. We’re going to copy everything now all the way down to the very bottom right there. And this will get all the properties right here and some of the same name I do.

Okay. Well have to work. We’ll worry about that later. Come over here and they paste it in there

and now you’ll see us at see how it’s flipping flip, flip, flip. Lip and we have 206 of these. So what’s going to happen is it’s going to go for 206 seconds. I have a pause one second between each call, um, because I don’t want it to, I don’t want to overrun the website by hitting it too hard. So this is a nice friendly neighbor.

Pause it pauses one second. But each one it’s going to go through here and right now we’re going to catch up and then second. Okay, we’re back. We’re done. How do we know we’re done? It says undefined here in the end. That means the function has returned. It’s all done. And in our dev and our clipboard, now it should be 206 properties with data.

Now, if everything works well, which it should have, we come over here to this, Jason, the CSV converter right here, and we refresh this. Remember, this is the first one I found. I was like this based on the CSV converter. And I clicked this one and I just paste it. In here. I also the link in the comments right there.

Bam. There they are all, all of them. So conditioned fair. Very good. And that shouldn’t take about three, just under four minutes, um, for that to complete. So you should, you can walk away, do whatever. It’ll just sit there and run for awhile. You come back and then you have the list of all the property with the year built, um, the condition, all of that kind of information.

Plus the URL. That’s it. We did it. I guess I should talk about Cobalt’s intelligence. Yeah. Anyway, I’m Jordan from cobalt intelligence. What we do is this kind of thing, which is where we get cool properties. We get cool data from the web that we can. Populated altogether. If you’re looking for a realtor, if you’re a real estate investor and you’re looking to buy properties, distressed properties, or have a target you want to get, we can almost positively get the data you want and send it to on a regular basis.

We have a really good deal right now in king county. We have a really good deal in Tarrant, Texas. Um, most counties we can do it. So that’s it. I reach out to us. Comments, emails, whatever. Thanks.