How to solve hCaptcha with Puppeteer

Sample code

In this video we walk through how to solve hCatpcha with Puppeteer using berstend’s Puppeteer extra packages.

I use 2Captcha as the service to solve it. At this time they are charging $2.99 for 1,000 hCaptcha solves. Here’s my affiliate link.


Hello there. I am Jordan Hansen. I’m from cobalt intelligence. And today we’re going to talk just to a quick little video about how to solve H capture. And H captia is the one that looks like this. I’m going to show it over here. So if we go here, fast people search, this is, I know almost always, this is the one and H capture the reason why it’s kind of an interesting one to solve right now is because they recently partnered up with CloudFlare, meaning that.

I don’t know how the packages work, but a lot of sites that are using CloudFlare also have, so you can see them here, CloudFlare re ID. They also have this H cap ship. This one’s kind of an annoying one. You go like this and you say burn and they almost always have a pain, but luckily you can haul sad boats.

Okay. Next, I can’t solve this by just say. So this is going to be an easy test site we can use for it. And you can see right here. Boom. Start. Plugins I’m using, I’m using puppet here extra, and I’ll link to that in the, or in the description also plug itself. And we capture plugin. Now, plugging cell does not strictly required for this, but if you’re doing any kind of web scraping that you’re going to be in captures, you probably should use stealth because maybe that’ll make us.

You don’t have to get hit very often. And you’re also going to need, I’m using a service called two captcha. So I’ll link to that as well with my nice affiliate link, you know it’s very inexpensive, it’s $3 for a thousand captures. So I feel like that’s pretty reasonable and then we’re going to go over and solve this.

So this is what it looks like. Normally it’ll go over here, just pop it open, just like we said. And the interesting thing is, is this capture isn’t available on page load. And so you have to kind of do a little waiting for it. And that’s what we have here in this code. So it’s what we like this uncommon, this and what we’re doing as we’re just looking for that CloudFlare rapper.

And this just tells you, okay, we hit a page that has the. This age capture on it. And then once we see the cloud flare wrapper, then we go over here and wait for this, the capture actual capture thing to appear. And then we just saw captures. And it it’s just like we did with recaptures, incredibly simple.

That guy versed end on that created this puppet here we catch a plug-in he’s at a great job and it really works really well. You’ll see this here. That’s good. And just like recapture that pipe takes 30 to 45 seconds. So it shows up and when you see it like this, this is like visual feedback to tell you, Hey, we’re working on it.

And then it just goes, and they just do all the rest of the work. Like this is it. So all I need to do is have your key, put it in there, it’ll solve it for you. And then you can just have automated access to a new age capture site and you have to pay, but then look at that. That was fast. Okay. There we go.

That’s how you solve aids capture using puppet here and that’s all. Thank you.