How to use the Cobalt Int SDK with the Secretary of State API

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This just shows how to use the Cobalt Intelligence SDK in order to make accessing the Secretary of State API a walk in the park.


All right here. We are talking about the cobalt intelligence, SDK, uh, cobalt intelligence. It’s a business. I’m Jordan Hanson with cobalt intelligence. We have an API for secretary of state businesses. Meaning if you want to know who’s registered and what businesses you can do it via API. And that’s what this does.

And not this shows the businesses that we support. So. We’ve recently added some hard businesses like Delaware, like Texas, like New Mexico. And they’re hard because they have captures, which makes them take a lot longer. 30 seconds. Delaware average is like 90 seconds each and that’s too long for an HTTP request.

So we made it long polling. I have some other videos to show how to do that. Um, and you can always call the API directly, but I built a little SDK that makes it so you can just do it easily. It’ll handle all the long point. Um, now you’re the first thing an API key. So if you want your API key, you can come over here.

Cobalt of state come down here and you can type in whatever you need, uh, your email, and then we’ll get you an API key over there. And once you have it, you just go like this. Um, so for me, I’m using dot M. This is just an example. We need to build the access, the environment variables, and then we’ll, we’ll install right here.

I’m going to go in PMI. Save. Cobalt and SDK and it’ll install it. There we go here like this from cobalt limits UK, and we’re going to get, use the SOS again right there. And now you initialize it like this concept to us API equals new SOS, API dot, just like this. And then we put the API QC. It says right there, process that vendor cobalt and API key, whatever it is.

All right there. And then you make a call just like this concert details equals await. Um, as soon as get business details, that’s the only method we have on there right now. We are working on new methods to help out the handle, like bulk amounts of them. Um, so let’s go at this Woodward HRT, Inc. I am familiar with this one.

Oh, wait, when the state hasn’t tell us and Sarah to tell us, I know we’ll walk it up details. He does. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have this already. Yeah, I do. So this will execute index right here. So we’ll just run like this. And we have a read me over here. Cobalt intelligence. It’ll all be in that. But, yeah, so now it’s just runs.

Now this hand is the one pulling automatically. So for example, for Delaware, it’s going to call, it’s going to get the retry D and keep recalling until it gets the data. And so it gets the response. So now it’s going to take, like I said, could take upward of 90 seconds depending on how long we’re waiting.

Um, and the meantime let’s try another one. So we can say constant detail equals a weight. That’s the worst API dot good business. He doesn’t, this couldn’t be, um, Trying to think of another business here. Um, we’ll go Missouri, whatever we’ll type in Garcia, who knows what that’ll give us. And we’ll be ready to run that when this is done.

So right now it’s trying, it’s trying hard. Don’t worry. It takes a while. Like I said, 90 seconds. Can you take up to 90 seconds? Maybe I should put that in my comments there to explore. So it handles long polling there. And if it needs, some of them don’t need long polling. Like Missouri has one should be pretty quick.

Just picture right now. My little code, scraping wizards, robots out there scraping they’re working on Delaware right now. They’re going over there. They’re working on it. They’re getting the data and they’re going to pull it back. Come on, baby. Come on, come on, come on.

Yeah, come on. Come on. Wonder if I can do this and this is the side. I just said a step one. I’m going go like this and run this one meantime. So can then we can see Missouri run. Come on. There we go. See, look at that. Look how fast that was. Bam. Just handle that. No problem. There actually was a business name.

Garcia. So we’ll go back over here and Delaware still going in the meantime. So you can obviously loop through these and pass it in this way. You can do an API and you went into worry about retraining the IDs. Otherwise it’s kind of a pain, but this is a cool way to do it. Assuming I can finish here. It takes so long.

Like I said, easily, 90 seconds over here, Delaware. I’m like curious how long, why the stigma’s along this isn’t it takes a long time. But we’re going to just double check logs here while we’re waiting. I had them up here. Sorry. I’m going to bug me. It’s on my top screen here.

Yep. It’s try and still it’s trying.

Okay. I just solved the caption. Should be working on, oh, baby, look, see it. Did it. How long did that take? Okay. We made the request initially at 49 minutes and 58 seconds. And it took almost two minutes. Yeah. That’s a long time. Easy, right. It makes it so much easier to handle it. You just add this initialize with your API key and send this over here and we’ll get some things I’m working on.

I’m trying to tink around some streams to see if we can get that work in as well. But there we go. That’s the cobalt intelligence, SDK. That’s out there. You just install it and it’s good to go.