Idaho Secretary of State Business Search

The Idaho Secretary of State business search is a great search that has many different search options. You can search for any kind of registered business entity, such as LLC, corporations, or partnerships.

Plus, it’s where I live. Home sweet home!

Here is the official search page.

If you want a way to search for a business in any state, please feel free to use our verify a business tool here, free of charge. It looks a little like this. It allows you to also easily copy and download the data.

Cobalt Intelligence verify a business in Idaho

While it is not required to be registered with the ID Secretary of State to do smaller business before you do anything like open a business checking account or get a business loan, you must register with the state. Because it is public you can find business owner information for any business registered in the state of Idaho.

I rate it 8 out of 10


  • Search by registered agent
  • Search by filing date range
  • Can view filed documents
  • Can search by active status


  • One of the few states that doesn’t allow you to search by entity id
  • Can’t search by officer

Idaho Secretary of State Entity Search

Idaho secretary of state business search advanced

Here it is. Of course, I searched for “pizza”. The results came back very fast at .160 seconds. Here’s what the results look like:

Idaho secretary of state search results

All the normal, helpful stuff like Business name, status, filing date, and agent. I’m not sure the different between “Active-Current” and “Active-Good Standing”. Both of those sound good.

Selecting a business opens a side panel with the details of the business.

Details page for Idaho secretary of state business search

It doesn’t list officer information but other than that all relevant information is there.

Now, let’s try the agent search.

search by registered agent

Okay, it’s the same. The registered agent won’t always be the officer but it’s kind of close if you’re looking to search by owner.

Document information looks like this:

Document information

If you were desperate to find officer information you could get it from the “Initial Filing” or “Annual Report”. Annual reports look like they track owner change.

Annual report information

And that’s Idaho’s Secretary of State business search.

Extra Credit

For all of my power users out there. You can access any of this business data via API. This can be handy for things like:

  • Business verification
  • KYC/KYB (know your business) anti-money laundering
  • Business credit check
  • Finding business owner information

It’s as simple as this:

let url = `${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;

const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
    headers: {
        'x-api-key': this.apiKey


Get a free Secretary of State API key here.

For more technical Idaho scraping tutorials, check it:


Hello? Um, my name’s Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt intelligence. I’m here to talk about the Idaho secretary of state business search. Um, I’m here talking about Idaho and before I get into it, I want to talk about tool we have over here. It is called the verified business or whatever you want to call it.

It’s a way to verify business data, good business data from any state, all the AP. Sorry, I’ll just quickly in one location. So you don’t have to go and search in each one. You can go here and find this information and then get it. Um, you can also, if you’re a power user, you can access this data, all the API click here to get an API key and you can get this data all just programmatically.

So it’s pretty cool. Come use it. Um, anyway, back to Idaho, we’ll talk about this. The cool thing about Idaho. No, Idaho is my home state. That’s where I’m from. I like. I want it to rate this a lot lower, but it’s probably the, one of the best ones I’ve done so far. I rated an eight out of 10. Um, but I had done web scraping on it and it is a pain in the butt.

It like, you think it’s good, but it is a pain, but from the data from a user that’s really good watch. You can search here. Pizza. It’s pretty fast. It brings all this information up. In fact, what do we get over here? Pizzas run a car show. Can we find that one B to. Ron Kartra right there. That’s this one. So you here, or how will this data here?

You can also look at hearing it filing documents, super easy. Bam. There that’s all handwritten. So you can’t really parse that very well, but information’s there. Now you also have this advanced search and this is where the power comes in. It has everything that you really want. You can’t search for officer, but you can search by active by status and activities only you can search by registered agent.

So if you want to search by who owns the business, most of them again, registered agent is not always the same thing as officer, but for a lot of small businesses, it is. And then here’s the kicker that not very many searches have is you’ve been searched by filing date start and. That’s pretty powerful.

So if you want to find just recently said registered businesses, you come over here and you do that. Now, as I think about that, the one bad thing is you can’t really get a list of recently registered businesses here because you don’t, you have to specify something here. You can’t leave this empty. You can’t just go like this and say, okay, I want businesses registered two days ago.

It just says, Nope, that has something you can go like B,

but it’s just okay. ’cause you can’t do every single one, but anyway, Idaho is pretty powerful. You have pretty much everything you need. Um, besides the fact that you can’t search by general active status or filing status without a name. So anyway, search by registered agent, which is often the officer, you can search by filing date range.

You can search view the file documents and you can check search by active status. Um, now it doesn’t like to search by entity ID. I don’t think very many people search by entity ID because who knows the secretary of state ID. And you can search by. But otherwise that’s pretty good. I’ve read an eight or eight out of 10.

Good job, Idaho. Even though you have disappointed me, it’s hard to get in there to web scrape. You, you do a good job. Good job. I though that’s the end for this one.