Indiana Secretary of State Business Search

The Indiana Secretary of State business search is a great search that has many different search options. You can search for any kind of registered business entity, such as LLC, corporations, or partnerships.

Here is the official search page.

If you want a way to search for a business in any state, please feel free to use our verify a business tool here, free of charge. It looks a little like this. It allows you to also easily copy and download the data.

Cobalt intelligence verify an Indiana business

While it is not required to be registered with the IN Secretary of State to do smaller business before you do anything like open a business checking account or get a business loan, you must register with the state. Because it is public you can find business owner information for any business registered in the state of Indiana.

I rate it 7 out of 10


  • Search by officer and registered agent
  • Search by other neat things like entity status and entity type
  • View officers and documents from details page
  • Search UI is pretty


  • reCaptcha on every search is a pain
  • Some searches can take a LONG time

Indiana Secretary of State Entity Search

Indiana Secretary of State business search

Look how pretty the Indiana Secretary of State business search is! There are quite a few search options, including search by the registered agent and officer/incorporator/governing person.

Let’s give it a try. The captcha is always kind of a pain but every time I checked this one I didn’t have to select any images. The load time took 2.21 seconds. Here are the results:

Indiana search results when searching for pizza

There is quite a bit of information here. The most important things are probably the business name, type, and status. It’s nice to also have the office address, I guess. Maybe if you wanted to find one close to you?

Here’s what it looks like when I enter the details page. It has more business detail information, including filing date, and then great information such as officer and registered agent data.

Indiana Secretary of State details page

It also has a section here for business documents such as Articles of Organization and what looks like an annual Business Entity Report.

I did open up an Articles of Organization and it didn’t look like it had any cool information like phone numbers or email addresses.

Search by Incorporator

Now to try out the search by incorporator. I searched by “Frank” and it took a lot longer to load at 1.2 minutes!

Search results when searching by the organizer/incorporator

And…the results look the same. 10k+ results, though! No wonder it took so long to load. The interesting thing is not all of these results are loaded right now. If I hit the next page button it still takes forever to load page two. Ouch.

And that’s about it for Indiana.

Extra Credit

For all of my power users out there. You can access any of this business data via API. This can be handy for things like:

  • Business verification
  • KYC/KYB (know your business) anti-money laundering
  • Business credit check
  • Finding business owner information

It’s as simple as this:

let url = `${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;

const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
    headers: {
        'x-api-key': this.apiKey


Get a free Secretary of State API key here.

Here are some technical posts on how to get information from the Indiana Secretary of State:


Hello there. My name’s Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt intelligence today. We’re talking about the Indiana secretary of state business search. Before we get into that, I want to talk about cobalt intelligence as a little tool here called verified business. You can search through any of the secretary of state all in one spot.

It’s free. So, but in the antiques long time, Because it has a caption, we need to solve a caption that takes longer. So we’re gonna let it run over here. In the meantime, we’ll come over here to pizza or to, to pizza. We’ll come over here to Indiana. We’ll search for pizza over here. Now they have a capture that it can be annoying, but Indiana is pretty good.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually solved stuff. Um, when we do automatically over here, it does take a long time. So that does have to solve it every time. So come over here. We’ll see.

And there we’ve got this list. Now, this is funny to me, uh, closely at this organization here. And then I’m going to pop over here to this state. And this is Georgia. This is the Georgia secretary of state. Do they look similar? Yeah, it’s the same. They use the same stuff. So someone whoever’s building the software for this also built that for Georgia.

Just interesting side note. Uh, this results page is pretty good. It has all kinds of information. It has. We have the entity type. We have the name type. We have the office address. We have the registered agent and the status. We’re going to go over here and check. Uh, I don’t know which one should we do this one pizza hut under a franchise and that’s assumed biz.

And we’re gonna go. Now it has officers, which is cool in there, which is a good thing. It also has a registered agent. I think we can look at documents too. Let’s look at the filing history. Yeah. Look at this. We’re going to go the documents here. Um, this is an old one, actually. It’s not old. It’s just trying to find the original one.

This is the one application for certificate of authority and there bam. There it is. Okay. That’s when I actually had a pizza hut. Right. So it’s from a long time ago, but you can see here, I access the documents, which is cool. And as all of them here, it has how we do over here. Oh, so the broke you in a hole.

That’s a shame. Anyway, there’s Indiana. We can go through there. I rated a seven out of 10. I think it’s pretty good. Not the best, but pretty good. And as a reason, because you can search by officer and registry agent, you come over here. Oh, look, look at this. The search is pretty robust. You can search favorites at agent.

You can search by officer. You can also search by address of the business, the type, even the name type status, like whether it’s active or not. Now the only bad thing is you really can’t search by. Um, what am I saying? You can search by filing date range for just kind of a bummer. Also, if you searched by this, this takes a long time, like a crazy long.

Because it’s searching all of them for Frank ever existed. So look, it’s going to take a lake. I’m not gonna even sit here and wait for it, but that’s Indiana seven out of 10. It’s pretty good. If you’re looking to verify a business, all in one place this most time works. Now this doesn’t break me off and I have tests that run against this every time and it rarely fails, but.

Y, um, if you want to ask actually this, all the API, then you can come over here and do a VPI. So just go, bam. Uh, and you get an API key and you’re good to go. Meanwhile, we’ll let this go and finish when it was when, and that’s the Indiana secretary of state business search.