Minnesota Secretary of State Officer Information

Search for business details from the Iowa Secretary of State here – https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/Business/Search

This video will walk through how to get officer information from this state.

If you’d like an API key to be able to access Secretary of State data in bulk (via API or CSV batch upload), go here – https://cobaltintelligence.com/secretary-of-state


Hello there. I’m Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt intelligence. We’re going to do Minnesota. It’s going to be fast. I bet, because look, we already kind of, so in Minnesota, there’s LLCs and then there’s incorporations. And look, if it’s a LLC, an LLC, as a manager right here. See where you see it right there.

Okay. Barely can see it. Just me manage it right there. And if it is. As chief executive officer. Now, the interesting thing is we’re already handling these situations, but we don’t call it an officer because when we built this, we didn’t support officers. So now we’re just gonna call it an officer. So we’re going to like this.

So when it’s a manager, we’re going to say, because officer I officer

did it. And port important. I did not. Okay. And then we just go like this. We’re going to say what the heck, why isn’t it tabbing? I’m from Louisiana.

Where does happened here? Who this? I tap into disappears. Okay. That’s so weird value. And then we go. Street address. We should put it below actually like this,

that, because it really isn’t the agent. Let’s not lie to ourselves here. So your address is going to be manager, address dot street. And then city manager address that city. You see where this is going state manager, address out of state. See how simple this will be. Zip manager, address zip we’re already parking this information.

And then we just, Bert, I’m not doing this anymore. And then we say, what am I saying, officers, if business.now, if business officer. Then we go like this business officers don’t push it. Shouldn’t be ever possible. As far as I can see, it looks like the only list one else is in step officers. We’ll just create it.

So we’ve done it many, many times before officer that, okay. Now what we’re going to do is take the same thing like that.

And go like this it’s called this manager officer. Okay. Like that. And then we’ll call this one officer and then the name’s going to be value like that. Yep. And we’re going, oh, we need a title in here. Let’s put title, title manager, title here, chief executive officer. And then this is going to be


All right, let’s try it. Commit Minnesota, search Minnesota. Support officers get push origin master. Oh, come on. You know, why?

Why is one of my tab? Okay.

The annoying thing is let’s go, I’m going to fix this right now. Get branch as a bunch. Yeah, I know. Get branch de mess. Oh my gosh. My tab is not working anymore. Is my tab. What is there a tab lock was going on here?

This tabbing around the thing.

BS code tabbing around tabbing we driver. Right. I don’t know if that’s what I want,

figured this out. Oh, okay. But it’s building right now. And what are the ones we’re going to try? We’re going to go over here to our SDK. We’re going to make it Minnesota, which is M N and then we’re going to search this business, which is beat the D the big lake like that. Okay. Like that.

Hey, that one tabbed. So it’s, it’s just broken in the other one. Look at the red glow loud. All right, sir. Come on, Minnesota. It’s building guys. I’m sorry. The longest. We’re at five minutes now. I think we’ll be pretty quick here. Maybe I’m ready to start. Come on. Last time it took, ah, take a minute.

It’s kind of a long time. The bill process of it. This is the problem. You don’t have local setup now. There’s ways I’ve heard to run Lambda functions locally. Some thing, I don’t know what it’s called. Okay. It’s ready. Let’s go. Sam, something like that. Something I don’t know. I would expect it to be pretty quick because Minnesota.

So it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t break. She’d be like impossible. A break bam office. And documents are here. They’re for sale. So we’re not having documents, but we’re going to have officers. Let’s try this one. Now I have a big space again. Nope. All right, let’s go.

Okay. No, no, no, no. What Jordan pull yourself together. It’s to read. I’m so confident. I’m not going to test. That was good. Watch this. Let me do that. I’m going to hang up the call then it works. I’m sure that’s going to work. Peace out, Minnesota done. Yeah, you do.