Mississippi Secretary of State Business Search

The Mississippi Secretary of State business search is a great search that has many different search options. You can search for any kind of registered business entity, such as LLC, corporations, or partnerships.

Here is the official search page.

If you want a way to search for a business in any state, please feel free to use our verify a business tool here, free of charge. It looks a little like this. It allows you to also easily copy and download the data.

cobalt intelligence verify a business mississippi business search

While it is not required to be registered with the MS Secretary of State to do smaller business before you do anything like open a business checking account or get a business loan, you must register with the state. Because it is public you can find business owner information for any business registered in the state of Mississippi.

I rate it 8 out of 10


  • Search by officer and registered agent name
  • Has officer information on the details page
  • Can view filed documents
  • Filed documents have email addresses of the owners!


  • Can’t search by entity status
  • Can’t search by filing date range

Mississippi Secretary of State Entity Search

picture of mississippi's secretary of state business search

Let’s start searching! I started off searching for pizza. The results came back fast, in maybe 1.5 seconds. Check out the list.

mississippi secretary of state business search results for pizza query

You can see that from their results page it lists a lot of helpful information, notably the entity type, status, and its initial filing date. I especially like that last one, “Pizza Doctor, LLC”. Let’s check that one out.

Clicking the “Details” button opens a modal with additional business information.

mississippi business details as a result of a "pizza" search

This has it all. Business address as well as the address of the officers and the registered agent.

For clarification, a registered agent is someone who is responsible for receiving legal documents. This is often the owner but can also be a third party service, accountant, or lawyer. Officers and directors would be the main decisions makers for the business.

Other Cool Stuff

mississippi documents and email notifications

Mississippi also allows you to view all documents that have been filed with the state. This has things like the articles of organization and annual reports.

Now, let’s real talk. If you open up the filed documents and look for a formation form, you’ll see something interesting in it. A nice, plump business email address for the ower. I blurred it out here. I don’t know why, it’s public information. If you want it, go get it!

business email addresses are available in filed documents

One other noteworthy thing is the ability to opt-in to email updates. This is a good way to keep track of when a business has gone delinquent or has become active. Thanks, Mississippi!

Find Business Owner Information

Find business owner information in Mississippi with their "search by officer name" feature.

Mississippi offers some different search options compared to other Secretary of States. Some states have the option to search by date range and entity status (looking at you, Washington).

Mississippi has the cool ability to search by both Officer Name and Registered agent. This is a handy feature if you’re looking all of the businesses that an individual might own or be a part of.

Extra Credit

For all of my power users out there. You can access any of this business data via API. This can be handy for things like:

  • Business verification
  • KYC/KYB (know your business) anti-money laundering
  • Business credit check
  • Finding business owner information

It’s as simple as this:

let url = `https://apigateway.cobaltintelligence.com/v1/search?searchQuery=${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;

const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
    headers: {
        'x-api-key': this.apiKey

return axiosResponse.data;

Get a free Secretary of State API key here.


Hello there. My name is Jordan Hanson, cobalt intelligence. Today. I’m going to be going through, uh, the Mississippi secretary of state. I’m going to just do a little overview of how it works and then kind of get my rating of it. Um, now before I get into it too much, I want to talk about something that’s a tool we have now, the secretary of state searches there.

If you want to verify our business, or if you just want to look at business information, we have a little tool over here called the verified business tool. Um, the link will be in the sh. Description, you can just go over here, you get into the business name and you can enter the state and then it’ll go through and a return on that data for you.

So right there, band, and you can download a copy of this Jason or download a CSV. You don’t have to go directly to the site, maybe. Okay. Maybe not what that link is. We’ll go through that. Okay. But it’s come over here. So we’re coming over here to this. We’re going to say, okay, let’s look at pizza. The cool thing is about Mississippi is that you can search by officer and registered agent, which is always a cool thing, because then if you’re looking for all the businesses at an individual owns, you can do that, but you can come over here and search by this pizza.

What was this one we found over here? Pizza one, Inc. Uh, this one right here is where it was so we could click details. Oh yeah. That’s when I hear like the. We shouldn’t even have your off that one. That’s weird. There’s no URL for this, but it’s cool here, Mississippi. Check it. We got this business here. Um, we have officers, apparently this is like an old one, cause it was revoked.

So there’s no officers here. It’s cool. You also see the file documents, including all this is too old, 1983. So it was no documents in there. Let’s go to find one that has documents. Let’s come over here and we’ll say, uh, actually, can we say create date? Let’s get one here’s 2011. So when we see you have way of officers in there, I remember him, Mary Ray and Charlie or Shirley, I was still small house, maybe a little bigger.

Yeah. And we can view the image of this. And the cool thing is in here. Look, they have email addresses. Now it is handwritten, but in the Mo most of the modern ones, they have email addresses inside of them, for the individuals that own it. Um, so that’s the cool thing about Mississippi. Um, again, cool things are, you can search by business ID now.

No one really has been inside of you normally. So business name is where you’re gonna use officer name, registered agent. You can go through and do all those pretty easily. I’m trying to think I’ve having to my notes here. I would like to find a new one. Let’s see, 20, 20. Sometimes you can search with businesses with anywhere it’s like that.

Oh, it didn’t take a long time. Okay. I meant 2020. Okay, going 20. There we go. So look, all of these businesses. So in 2020, so we can go over here. We can save you file documents that we can save you image. I want to show how the new one looks.

Meanwhile, I’m going to look, I’m going to look this up in hours and the, okay. Let me copy that. That. See, that’s a lot nicer. It’s all automated here. Look, we have the email addresses right there and these, yeah. And then the officers, so pretty cool. That’s the Mississippi secretary of state. I David a rating of eight out of 10.

The reason because the UI is pretty good. The documents have email addresses. You can search by office and registered ad agent and you can do file documents so that you can see any information there. Bad thing is you can’t search by entity status. Like you can’t search by active or inactive ones. And you also can’t search by filing date range.

Some states have a, so you can search by filing date range. And that’s really nice, but here you go. Also extra bonus points. If you’re like a height developer. Yeah. There, see right there, we haven’t built out documents yet for this, but we will. Um, now if you want to do, you can also access this all programmatically via an API, and you can do that.

Use the secretary of state here. I clicked this link. Okay. That’s Mississippi and the Mississippi secretary of state business search. Thank you.