Nevada Secretary of State Officer Information

Today we get officer information from the Nevada Secretary of State. Here’s a link to their business search page –

And if you’re looking for access to the data in bulk, find it here – we get officer information from the Nevada Secretary of State.


Hello there. This is Jordan Hanson from cobalt intelligence. Today. We are going Ted Nevada. Now we’ve been to Nevada before. In fact, we were going to but we are going to work on today is Lucy is like an active one, trying to office her information. This right here. This is where we’re looking for. We have document information kinda.

It’s kinda weird with them. They don’t really have any visible, like, hold on camera. Yeah, look, it’s all just this there’s no actual thing to download, so I don’t think I’m going to add documents here since I don’t know what, there’s 10 of them here. Let’s see. Where’s the rest.

Yeah. See, this is why I don’t think we’re doing.

Yeah, I think we’re just getting officer information because this there’s no document here to put on there.

I got a place to grab whatever anyway, officer. So that’s what we’re going to work on your documents here. When we’re here, we have officers we’re going to like this. Okay. I’m going to put it above. That’s a good officer.

It looks pretty clear here. I think we should probably do it pretty easily. Hopefully question will be how the, well, let’s see, let’s do that bigger or inspect this element and then we’re gonna make this bigger to hopefully the style school. Yeah. Like that. Okay. So we come over here we go with this.

That’s just the top row. I want this one. I like this. And then I go T body tr yeah, that’s what I want. Just that const officer rose await page dot dollar dollar. Remember a dollar dollar. Does the, makes it an array? I officer rose, officer Rowe, singular. And then we say,

let me go through it. Let me say cost officer is I officer that equals this and we say, name is await. Officer, Val. And we’re going to cut. T D N of type two element to that text, content like that.

This is going to be title. It’s going to be TV type one right there, and then address hold up. Okay.

And then. What else is there? What’s part of my officer address, phone, email, current. What does that current mean? Active, I guess the Boolean current means, but current, which is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Okay, sure. Five. Okay. Now let’s see what we can do about this address. Now, what do we do with the normal? Typically I say, yeah, parts of just comma.

That’s where you use it on all the other ones to make sure they’re the same

looks like it. So there’s no BRS in this. No, it’s all one. Okay. That should be easy. So what about this? We say, Tanya. Three city state zip equals parse address com OPA price. It is comma and I go, wait, officer Rowe dot evil. I go TV and of type three

element that texts content.

All right. Yeah, that looks good. Let me come over here. When we say street and street city is city state, this state zip, is it like that? And then. We do what we do. We like this. If business, officer’s going to go business details out officers, you guys know the drill DOP push officer Ellis. What did we do?

We create the array equals officer. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. That’s okay. I feel like I’m just getting in a group. Should work

Nevada, add officers. Now, if this all works fine, this is quick. Could I get my thing over here

to make sure let’s see actions come on. It’s building. Let’s look at some other searches here. Can I like this? Hmm. It’s somewhere in this thing. It’s always hard to find business entity search. I bet you that’s the most click thing. I was like, put it at the top now what I want here. Let’s see. Saturday. I want to look at a permanent where you’re booked one.

How’s it look there. Okay. What? No opening day. No offer it. Yeah, this is good. I want one with no officer information. That is true.

What else? How about tax is another active one? Okay.

one officer information. This is a different type, but it should be the same. So we’ll test all three of these. These are okay. There. We’re good. SDK. Now in Nevada, Nevada has mixed results. It’s not about a tough one, but I bet we work out. Okay. Let’s see this one first.

Let me start this baby. Make sure we’re in dev. We are in dev

stay hydrated, you know, come on. All right. This one right here. Come on, Nevada. Don’t don’t do it to me. Don’t be weird.

That is not what I expected. What the heck does that mean?

Oh yeah. Yeah, because there’s no documents. Okay.

I was testing something else. Then I forgot to update my stuff for that. Right. And documents did Missouri or something. I think got stuff over here.

Okay. Come on. Oh, we got, we got officers. Why this one where we peruse that we’re going to go to the next one. How about you feel about that name? A software company incorporate. To the point. Okay. Yep. Looks great. Good, good, good. I don’t know how it organizes, but there we go.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Okay. So next is this one should be empty. The goal is, is to not break here, right? That’s the goal not break, cause it should come over here and it should find a filing history with no. So to find the filing history with no officers, CT bodies should be empty. Oh, Nope. It’s going to fail God.

I’m definitely on a break right there date. Okay.

Okay. Well, we have to prepare for that.

Darn. Okay. Let me think. We’re in an office a row. And if we’ve confined, no records equals await. Officer Rowe, that dollar, I look for this no records. If now, if this element exists. Then we just continue. Right? We probably could just break. It’s the same thing. I think mass break, we know it’s not, if there was a no records, there was no record.

So in the meantime, we should be able to go over to this other one, this one right here, because this, when it does, it’s an LLC though. We’ll come back to you. Software Inc. A software company incorporated.

And go, come on. Let’s do it. Close here. Build the GooGoo look at that. Worked great. Single one address looked fine. Title. It looks all good. Okay. All right. Then we’re just waiting for the build for the other one. And then we are done my friends.

Go. All right.

So what do you wanna talk about? Let’s see, we can talk about golf. How does golf hat? Sometimes they feel like an imposter because I own a golf like three or four times a year, but I think the hat is kind of sweet looking. It’s pretty cool. I like the hat. I don’t wear a golfing because then it gets sweaty because it gets sweaty when you off.

But hold on. I see. Is it still going? Come on. I bet it’s done. It’s not done so golf anyway, but I still wear it. I don’t wear it on my friends with golf a lot because they know I own the golf like three or four times a year. But how many times do you have to golf? Really? To be able to wear the gear. I mean, I wear running shoes and I don’t run.

I walk a lot with them. Does that still count? Oh, there we go. We’re done pace and our back to a software company, we don’t have to talk about the dumb hat anymore. Sorry. All right. It’s building here. What is this? Anyway? What does this do? Collaborative sessions. Okay. Errors. Five. What errors? Yeah. Oh, he has configured.

I don’t know why I want to hold on. Where’d my thing go. Oh, crap. Did I lose it? Oh, no, I’ll wait. Sweet. So there, okay. Software company didn’t fail. We win. We beat Nevada’s officer thing. Sweet. Done. Good job. Good job team. We’re done.