New Mexico Secretary of State Officer Information

Today we scrape the New Mexico Secretary of State looking for officer information.

New Mexico Secretary of State business search –

Access the Secretary of State API here –


Hello, this is men’s Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt intelligence today. We’re talking about secretary of state data. Here we are in New Mexico. This is the last state we have to do to add officer and document information. New Mexico is kind of a tough state. And so we’re going to try to go through it.

Tough was kind of annoying things like. So we’re gonna try to work through it and see if we can figure out a way to good to scrape this data. I see there’s filing information here. I don’t think I can download it, which is weird to me. Normally they say something about how to get the filing information.

Let’s see. I don’t see anything here and this one. So I think the problem is going to be this right. We go through here, we get the registered agent information and then the officers are all going to be like, Director information officers or manager member like that, all like that. So I think we’re going to have to pick each team every single one, go through them and then maybe attach this title or something.

In fact, let’s look at the HTML. It’s going to be all small. Hold on one second. Let me make it big again. Okay. So if we go through here, what have we got here? This is some table. Yep. Two with everything. And each one of these is our. The table row, row, row, row. Okay. So if I go in here, I see this, I see all this, so many baby, they call these

now. Can I just say information, contact information? Nope. That’s not what I want. I think I might just have to loop through every single one of these and look specific. I don’t want to have to name them.

Okay, so maybe I can get this information. Let’s go like down here to the organizer. So I see right here, I click on this and I say, Hey, if this row, my gosh, this table I can’t say organize. Okay. This table right here. If somehow in the head.

Name address has the three items. And maybe, I dunno, pretty ugly. Honestly,

let me think. How do I do this? Okay. So this is this one. And the only thing is I can’t, I would like to leave this open, whatever I’m going to do. Another one, I can do that. I go home. Yes, I can. I’ll put that a new tab at least businesses. I can say a pizza or Garcia, whatever we did pizza, last time I search, it’s gonna be kinda messy trying to do this.

So sorry. So take a little bit of time active right here. I can’t open this a new tab. This is corporation L C I got an ink somewhere. There we go.

Okay, so this one has directors as officers, so LLC is going to have directly. And officers and maybe incorporator, okay. With all this stuff. But again, you can’t click it, which to me is kind of weird.

I don’t see anywhere you’re working order that information either. Okay. Well, I think it’s, I’ve got two different things we’ve got to see, but I loop through all these,

but it looks like it’s always going to be. Five is that right? Director, officer organizer who incorporate or trustee or those on every single page

over here, we have director officer or they have manager and member.


All right. We’re gonna build big switch. Should we, I mean, what if I just did it? I mean, it looks like they’re kind of hard set, but I feel like this good organize a list. And then I go to body VR like that, like I say, okay, let’s do officers

and we go like this, what do we do? We go.

What are, they’re all backwards without no, one’s backwards. Had these ones backwards and no, they’re not. Okay. So maybe that’s just bad luck that, that one got put in first name, last simple check more of these. Cause this is when I hear look, Andrew Homer right here is his name. I don’t know. Now this one has an address.

Okay. These do. Okay. All right. Now let’s start the officer work. I wish I could loop. I don’t think I’m going to be able to, I think I might have write something for every single one.

Now we could probably do this, right. We could, let me say async function. Great officer or something. I thought let’s go with that because the data inside is all the same. Okay. The row. I just want the row. I have a row. It’s just like this.

Element to handle maybe like that. Okay. I think we can do something here. Okay. We’ll go with this officer row equals wait, page, that dollar sign. And then we look specifically for this right here like that

right there. Rose right. Officer rose is what I want. I want this to be rose Pearl. Cause this is. And then we want the business. That’s going to be I business that. Okay. Organize it. Is it actually organized rose

like that? Okay. I think maybe this will work and then it comes into here. It gets passed into this thing.

Great officers right here. And we say wait,

let me pass an organize a rose. Let me pass it. And business details that now what does this return? Oh, I want a dollar don’t. Yeah, that could be multiple like that. What does this anyway, element handle this. Okay. Whatever

isn’t that? Puppeteer. I need to do a do puppeteer dot

about that.

I don’t know what what’s going on here is not assignable. Oh, capital E. Okay.

Is this I can’t tell.

Element elephant is the most element does not type element is not satisfied. The constraint element element. Okay.

Elegant come from. Okay. I just want it from here. How do you take her from here please?


Okay. Screw it. Take this. Sukkos. This is what it is. I put it in the outside. Okay. Whatever. Here we go. Okay. Guess I can’t copy it from there. Come on, please. Let me. Please please. Oh baby. Ha. I did it. Okay. I just had the thing wrong. I had this, whatever you got. Okay. Never go here. We say four. I have rose and I would say row, and then we got this.

We say const, or we say we want to say cons off. And I think I want to parse the address.

How did the parts address up here? Processors, comma, or these are the same there. Now, if it says none, what if it says none,

everybody FIS cons address row equals await row dot. I got this TV and the type three. Pretty sure that’s what it is. And we’ll trim it.

Let’s see when we find something there. I’ll wait don’t I want you, bro. I want you Val. That’s right. Element pet, text, content like that. We try it. And then we say if address. Now w w we have to remember. Okay. If there’s no w like, what about this one here? Organize the information right here. This is going to say not applicable or no records to view in that case.

There’s no, not going to be anyone. Okay. That’s what we’re going to test. We’re going to say this.

And then we’ve got this TV and for type three, if there’s no address, check, this is what we skip. We return continue. Now we break. Right? We’re done.

There is no third cell. There are no records. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Okay. Then we come down here and we say address, we’re going to get the third right here, this right here. And then we’ll say if address, cook equals equals equals

none. And we skipped this guy

and then we go like this April. Parse address, comma and pass an address that I’m going to go street, city, state, zip, and then we’re done pretty much right here, like this watch. And then we say, oh, this officer, hi officer, let go name. It’s going to be a wait row. That evil. PV and of type one element element, text, content, trim, and get rid of this await.

I don’t know why it always adds it. Something’s wrong with it. And then we’ve got title. Oh, oh, title. It should be one. Actually just take whatever, like this. And that’s going to be one. And then we’re going to go. Street address is going to be three cities, city. State it’s going to be state. Zip is going to be zip.

All right with me. And now if business officer’s exists, we’ve done this lot of times. If it exists, then what do we do? We push it into it, push like that officer. And if it doesn’t, they may create it just like this, the hello, happy officer. I go like that. Now we have a function. That’s good.

And we do this. Now we do this for everyone. We should be good. Now the only problem is if there’s one that doesn’t exist, we’ll look at LLPs as well to see if there’s something different, but like this, I think we want to do this like several times, right? We put him over here now and we say director rose that, which is the same thing right here.

Wait, you’re kidding me. They juke me.

Why does organizer have one? And this one? Doesn’t

is it only when it has stuff? That’d be interesting. What about now?

Oh, interesting. Okay. All right. All right. All right.

Okay. Okay. I see.

I’m confident for look this the capitalization. It’s not the same officer rose passing off the source here. I know the director’s right there and it’s going to be in here watch

and we pass in director rose. It’s just like that now let’s make sure. Okay. That didn’t freaking work. Are you kidding me?

How did that not work? Oh, seminar spot. That’s how long? Yup. Now do I care about it? No, I do not. No, I do not. Perfect. Yep. That looks great. Now we’ve got to find one for all of this, though. We have organizer check. We have director. So it doesn’t exist unless it has records. Boy, the search continues home.

It is, let’s do this a couple more times. How about contains tax? Give me a rough one to test because all those

we got you. Hey, we’ve got managers. Nice and members. All right, coming up. ACEs here. No incorporator, no trustee. That’s okay. That’s okay. Grid manager. This, I have a chance. Good manager list manager. Rose. I want, I like things kind of spaces between stuff. I don’t know. Now we’re gonna do that again for me.

And look at this, this guy’s bugging me, bugging me. Let me show you this right here. Look, member list, Campbell case. You see that Campbell case manager, this Campbell case organized with this Campbell case and then director list capitalization. Good. Let’s get consistent here. At least I don’t care how you capitalize their case sensitive.

It just do it consistently. Yeah. Cause now I can not infer anything. I have no idea. I don’t know if corporate is going to be okay. So what I need the trust at another Inc trust. Okay. Let’s see here. I got a trust. I just searched for trust. That should help me.

There was a trust right there. I can’t open a new branch.

No, no trustee information. We have organizer. All right, nothing here. You got nothing for me? Dead to me. Good. Here, please take me back.

Captured does weird stuff. Okay. Can I go back really? Because it all gets messed up. Booked existence expired, revoked. And these are physical activity. Trustee of general services, LLC. It’s an LLC. This is one I just looked at. Can go back.

Please contains trusts some on that’d be a trustee in here, somewhere existence. Oh, these are all trust, LLC. Noela.

well, how about these limited partnerships? Century trust hardly in history. It’s still nothing we can click. Okay. Well we have a general partner one. Oh no, no chief executive officer. There’s no name.

I don’t know if that’s real. How in second time. But, but

oh, see, look, the things aren’t even the same thing. There’s no LLPs yeah. Yeah. I saw, I was thinking what was it? Airs? What my hairs, this is Optima. Trust is no way. That’s a corporate.

Chloe airs

CLOC. Okay. Okay. Dan, I want to trust

General partner information would be cool.

Cause I don’t want to rebuild one of the.

Okay, well, okay. Okay. Okay. Let me think.

How can we do this?

for shame, right?

Same bloody thing. It’s going to go almost exact same thing. So we’re address. Check is number two. It’s going to be T body up to your head right there. I just take his number. Yep. And then we’re going to go here and then address. That’s fine. The name is going to be the first one. There’s not going to be a title.

Can I even have a no title? There we go. Like that. Hmm. Yup. Oh, wait, I can go title right here and say

general partner. What’d I just say partner, other limited partners, because you know, there are differences there. I don’t see anything here. Okay. I’m going to go to general park. Yeah. Like that. And then we’re going to come over here and say, okay, well, this will just do, hold on. I’m to actually have, I need to get that again.

It’s going to be better for me to do it now than later, even though I hate it, partner bros, I’m going to say create partners.

Like the exact same things that we’re passing. This is a question I wonder when you’re abstracting functions, at what point is it not worth it? At what point is it not worth it to, I mean, cause I can put it in here. Right. But then it just adds complexity to function because I’m adding all these conditions or I can duplicate them.

And sometimes I leave as I get older and code more. I lean more toward not toward duplicating my code because rather than keep this more, if there is no second and keep this more pure, otherwise that functioning is all muddled and bug prone. All right. Now the, can we get the freak out of here? I need, you still need to find some with officers or whatever incorporated.

Right? What am I looking for? Still a trustee and incorporator, what I’d like. So I want some corporations. How about, and I should have a few. Now I’m looking at the other me software. Where are we doing? New Mexico? How many software companies are in New Mexico?

This one

member organizer. That’s not an ink. I’m dumb. Can I go back? Now captured invalid. Yep. Oh, it didn’t even say my stuff refreshed. Probably the same person that named looks like, look at it. Even this isn’t even camel case at all. No seas. That’s one vote.

It had a registered agent name of UCC search. Okay. So this would be, get picked up. Directors are good. There’s no incorporator, no trustee.

All right. You got like two more tries and that’s it. Incorporator and trustee, those aren’t as big of a deal, but I would sure would like to have them testing. See. C inks. That’s what I hear. That’s emerged one anchor there.

one more, one more track. We’re going to go accounting or what about, okay. Okay.

I’ll see LLC, LLC, Inc. Right there. Voluntary dissolution, Inc. They’re A-plus and counting is still active. You guys have an incorporator now? They don’t. Oh, no records to view that one looks a little different. All right. We don’t get incorporators. You don’t get trustees. We can get for being a pill. Why don’t we have two things here on my packets of Jason, right?

Okay. Let’s post this stuff.

We’re returning to business. Great. Yeah. That’s what I want to add it to business details here. Yeah. Okay. And I’m going to say. New Mexico, sorry, New Mexico. At officers,

no, it kind of helped my expectations today. Like this has been 24 minutes already, which is kind of a long time, but held my expectations today when I knew it was going to be messy. So I was just. I don’t care. I’m expecting this to take a while. Cause I knew I’d have all these individual ones. Okay. This is a good one to test with.

I would like that.

Okay. What does this have? This one? Okay. Do I have this one or like an LLP as well? Actually. It’s what I would like. Where did it go? Where is this? I don’t know is that there was like no homework. I want to LLP here contains pizza. Just going to eat pizza for the LLP. It could be, I guess, probably not though.

yeah, we had general partners here. I don’t know memos are, but we can check, test that. Should we start with the worst one right there. That’s still building, but we can go over to our SDK and start it up and move one new one there. One part. Okay, here we go. I get kind of big. So it doesn’t suck. All right.

It’s built now because of the captcha. We’re going to have a long, wait a boy.

And we hope and pray, right? That this actually will work and not suck. Come on, come on work. What should we talk about in the meantime, this is going to take awhile 40, at least four to five seconds. I would say so right now we are doing some stuff. Oh, I don’t. So I’ve been doing that by gration I’m doing a migration on my database and it takes for freaking ever.

I don’t even know. I hope it’s the working well. Billing dashboard. I wonder how my dashboard is. I’m scared to look at my bill. It’s fighting over $200. Yeah, it’s a two 10 estimated forecast right now. $327.

Oh, it hurts. That hurts us.

okay. Go three hundred and twenty seven, two hundred and ten.

I’m only doing this one. If this one comes back, I’m done with the video and I’ll just test that so offline, because this is too long for you to sit here and wait, come on. You can sit here and watch those retrying. Come on. We fried temps three. It ties like every 10 seconds. It’s 30 seconds. Why do you even turn anything?

Are you kidding me?

It might not get unlimited stuff. Oh man. That’d be another problem. What if I didn’t find anything? A plus I county lots of it. See what I mean? Let’s look at our code over here. Right here.

Go over here.

I think that needs to change. I bet the only fine businesses. I don’t want LLP.

I bet I can do easily though. Think they’re all the same. I bet you this way here only grabs the top one.

Jacob wouldn’t know. I don’t think he’d know that LLPs would LLPs are

he wouldn’t he would not know.

So it wouldn’t even get these. Okay. So then this is what we’re going to do, like this.

Partners, Mary ships. I can do this, like this swatch,

fix that right now.

And then we’re going to say corporations.

Partnership elements,

business, this preparation elements, partnership, elements like that. Then we have both of them in there. I like that better.

Let’s check the SDK capture. It takes forever. It takes so long. It’s ridiculous.

Dynamo DB is killing me. How so much? It hurts my soul

migration work it, I hope this back patients worth it. Oh my gosh. I hope this doesn’t say this. It’s kind of an expensive lesson here. Oh, that’s a long time to make.

the problem is New Mexico fails a lot too. It’s like one of them is one of my least consistent states ever. So it also failed the fine even a state, even the data

all right, go on blind to dust it. That’s the basis. You know where we are. So, yeah.