Oklahoma Secretary of State Business Search

Welcome to the page that is going to talk all about the Oklahoma Secretary of State business search. First point. Should Secretary of State be capitalized? I do not know.

The Oklahoma Secretary of State entity search will allow you to search for LLCs, corporations, partnerships, or any other entity that is registered with the state of Oklahoma. Here is the official search page.

If you want a way to search for a business in any state, please feel free to use our verify a business tool here, free of charge. It looks a little like this. It allows you to also easily copy and download the data.

cobalt intelligence verify a business free search tool

While it is not required to be registered with the OK Secretary of State to operate a small business before you do anything like open a business checking account or get a business loan, you must register with the state. Because it is public you can find business owner information for any business registered in the state of Oklahoma.

oklahoma secretary of state business search, advanced

I rate it 5 out of 10


  • Search by name of person
  • Search by active status


  • Pretty bare bones looking UI
  • Barely any information available on the details page
  • Have to order additional information for a price

Oklahoma Secretary of State Entity Search

Using the Oklahoma Secretary of State business search The advanced search may not look as fancy as other states but it does allow to do quite a bit, including search by active status, check business name availability, and search by individual name.

Making my search for “pizza” with active businesses only took 2.32 seconds. Not too bad. Here’s the list.

ok secretary of state business search results

Classic information here. Entity type, status, and registered agent. I find it interesting here that it has a “Name Type” field. I’m not sure what that means. I haven’t ever seen it return anything other than “Tradename”.

Clicking the filing number takes us into the details page. It is one of the more sparse details page.

Oklahoma business details from the Secretary of State

This business is supposedly active but you can see above it has an “OTC Suspension”. I believe this means that the business is currently active and in good status with the Oklahoma Secretary of State but is not in good shape with the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Order Documents?

I clicked in to order documents to see what it would take. It asked for my name and email address and then the documents I wanted. Looks like they charge per document. Ouch.

Oklahoma Secretary of State charges for filed documents

Does something with a charge quality as public under the Freedom of Information Act? I don’t know. I’m sure it started as an administration fee but with this kind of thing being easily fully automated, I wonder how applicable it is.

Search by Person Name Weirdness

Searching by person name is an interesting one in Oklahoma. You can do it but the person’s name isn’t visible on the details page. So you end up with a situation like this:

Oklahoma Secretary of State business search by person name

The owner/officer of this company is “Rosa Anguiano Garcia” but that name doesn’t show up anywhere on the details page. You can see the registered agent name but it is definitely not Rosa.

Extra Credit

So you can find out businesses owned by an individual but if you are looking at that same business later, you will not know that they own that business. Registered agent is sometimes the primary officer/owner but it certainly does not have to be.

For all of my power users out there. You can access any of this business data via API. This can be handy for things like:

  • Business verification
  • KYC/KYB (know your business) anti-money laundering
  • Business credit check
  • Finding business owner information

It’s as simple as this:

let url = `https://apigateway.cobaltintelligence.com/v1/search?searchQuery=${encodeURIComponent(businessName)}&state=${state}`;

const axiosResponse = await axios.get(url, {
    headers: {
        'x-api-key': this.apiKey

return axiosResponse.data;

Get a free Secretary of State API key here.

Want know how to do some web scraping of the Oklahoma Secretary of State, here’s a helpful video.

And if you are looking to learn how to get newly registered businesses with the state of Oklahoma, here it is:


Hello there. My name is Jordan Hansen. I’m from cobalt intelligence today. I’m walking through the Oklahoma secretary of state business search. And in this I’m going to walk through what the power, what you can do with it, the cool stuff you can do with it and what is not so good. Um, I also want to just show one thing.

We have the tool called the verified business tool. It’s a centralized location where you can search any me, make this big. We can search any state and get the data back that it’s shown on the secretary of state. So they don’t have to go to different ones and try to navigate them. You’d enter your business, name, your state, bam.

It, overturn this stuff. Um, but anyway, let’s go through that. Uh, so the cool things here that they have is at least you can search by active. So you can search by status, whether the businesses are active or not. You could also search banks, churches, domestic, corporate. I don’t know what these mean. I don’t know why you’d search this.

Maybe that means they’re not available in the normal search. I’m not sure you could also search by the name of the person or the registry. Those are good things. It’s cool that you can, if you ever have someone be like, oh, I know this person, he owned some businesses. I want to see which ones you can search by these fields.

And that’s cool. So let’s go here. We’ll search by pizza. And then when we searched over here and we found this more drum corporation, I’m not really sure how these are connected, but that’s what shows up here too. Let’s see. I think the official name for this. So we go over here and look at it. The name is actually more of incorporation.

I don’t know why it must’ve changed names at some point. Now look at this details page. It’s a little sparse and we have the same crass stuff here. Um, and then this OTC suspension, which the business is active. It means that it hasn’t complied with the Oklahoma tax requirements. So something’s weird there with the taxes.

Now you can do into detail. I don’t know what this does. Oh yeah. So if you want to see any of the further information you have to order it. So that’s kind of the lame part about Oklahoma. If you want to get the entity status, any of the officer information, uh, you have to order it. It was just funny because you can come over here and search by name.

So let’s say individual will say Frank. Well, sir. Oh my God. I have a last name. Frank Garcia.

Oh, I bet we can only do it so you can see who the officer is here. But if you go into the business here, if you’re opening this right here, it’s not here. You don’t see it. You see registered agent information, but you don’t see the officer information. You have to pay for that. And it looks like it’s what, $5 for empty details.

Um, so anyway, that’s Oklahoma, Oklahoma, not my favorite. It’s probably one of my least favorites. I rated it a five. Out of 10, so not great. I like that. You can search by officer. I don’t like that. It has so small information as a teeny bit information and you have to order it to get anything further and you can search by accident to access status, which is pretty cool.

These ones, if you’re looking for in the activity, That’s a pretty easy thing to do. Now, if you’re a power user and you’re trying to organize, like get a bunch of secretary of state data, I would recommend the API. We have this API here. It allows you to go through there and get that data from there. All programmatically APA.

So, all right. Thanks everyone. That’s Oklahoma. Secretary of state business search.