Online Business Lenders, You NEED This!

If you are an online business lender, you have plenty to do to verify a business and perform your KYB in order to issue a loan.

Use this tool to verify a business with any Secretary of State all in one place –

If you’re looking to do it in bulk, use this –

Hope it helps!


Hello. Good morning. My name’s Jordan Hanson. I’m here with cobalt intelligence talking about tool that if you are an online lender, let’s say in your Sydney credit and you want to do it in a quick. This is a tool you really can use. Now most online lenders, they have to verify the business before they can extend any kind of credit due to anti money laundering laws.

So this will help this online lender verify this business quickly. Normally you have to go to the secretary of state, try to search them. And if it’s in different states, you’re just trying to go quickly and okay, I got to go manually verify this business. This is a way you can do it in one spot. If you want to do it manually over here, I’m just going to assume that say brothers pizza and pasta.

They want to come. Credit, they want to buy more pizzas or dough or whatever, and they need some, a loan for it. Come over here and look, bam that you can confirm. Okay, this actually is a business. Here we go. And you can see right here. So if we go over here and look at this actual business, we are here. See, I got the niece is a registered agent.

We have the officer information down here. And that’s all there. So then we can verify this business is actually good. Okay, good. This is actual business. They’re good to go. I feel good. Extending them credit. Now, if you want to do it in bulk, you can come over here. There’s a bulk verification. You can just see of a hundred or 200, 300 or 500.

You can put them in here, put them in a CSV, upload the file and then give it a few minutes and they’ll just get all of them they’re done and then return them to you here. And you can download the file with all the verification information. And if you’re like a more powered, you want to make this happen automatically someone can apply for a loan at night and you want to come over and be able to verify them within a few hours before any manual check, you can just build an API and the API was go over and verify it for you and just turn the data.

So that’s it. That’s the cobalt intelligence way to verify any business with the secretary of state. And that’s really good for online lenders. So there we go.