Oregon Secretary of State Officer and Document Information

This is a video about getting Oregon Secretary of State Officer and Document Information.

Find the Oregon Secretary of State business search here – http://egov.sos.state.or.us/br/pkg_web_name_srch_inq.login

Get access to the Secretary of State API here – https://cobaltintelligence.com/secretary-of-state


Okay, good morning. Hello. This is Jordan Hanson. I’m from cobalt intelligence today. We’re talking about the Ohio secretary of state today. We’re going to handle things like a little hook of those small texts. We’re going to handle things like officers. Now Oregon’s interesting. Some states just have like a table of officers.

Oregon is interesting because it’s going to an active one. What about the. ’cause instead, they have these blocks of things right here, and I’m kind of handling some of them like, look a team member rep. I don’t know what those differences, but I think what I had to do is just loop through all of these.

And if one’s agent, I think I just to take this as the title and then go through. So that’s what we’re going to try to do. I don’t know what PBB is. Physical by their principal place of business. Got it. So now we come through and keep doing this.

How do I do this? Exactly. I am already having a loop going through the table. I’m kind of a switch case when the designee calls, which case does not equal.

Oh, you can do it like this.

I’m switching on the table label is the problem.

All right. Can I do this? I want to see if anyone else has a better suggestion. Yeah. Like this. So go true at this. And then we say,

if this.

I’m trying to go with this. If table label, this equals equals equals this,

right. So case would table it and they’d have to match. So this will return. True. Okay. Now the agent also, I think is fine. We, we need that one. So a table label, the rest, I think we assume we’re officers don’t we, now we have made the adjust to

how do we, how would we mailing address right now? Or we’re not? Okay. Well, look, we can do that back to them. I put up here by that this.

We’ll call it mall. That’s it. We’ll call it this mall street

and this is going to be mall. So now we’re also adding.

We go with that? I we’re good. We’re mailings. See, maybe I just state, maybe I do a slip, but there we go. Now agents good. Now these, I think now if it’s anything other than that,

Which is kind of annoying, cause I’m going to those big things. It says if table label does not equal agent and legal label does not equal ball and table label does not equal principal place of business, then.

Now, so the computer, these, we assume to be, what do we assume them to be? Officers. Okay. So said, I’m going to call this officer name. Hey, just say that officer name.

I don’t want to do all this. And this is going to go the rep.

Okay. So it’s going to be officer name. This is the old school way of doing it. Oh, gross.

I’m not like this way, the new way is so much better. It’s the way of doing Syria

officer there. And then.

What’s CIP anyway, who did this?

Me? Hold on. I did. Cause I just changed the date. Okay. Now agent city,

I don’t think we get one of these either.

There we go like that. Now we go, let’s write this and then we need to go name its name street, but we need street title as well. The title is there. What else am I doing here? Street, city, city state is state zip, zip title now. Okay. So this one within that guy?

Yeah, that’s small. Okay. We’ll get bigger here. So he goes tr the name is like the second one, right? Why is this the.

Oh, the whole thing’s a row. So this is TD one.

Oh boy. So tables, I plus one. Then it goes to I plus two.

So what.

Title I Cheerio dot load. I don’t have to sit at tables or is it table dialect then now it’s tables. Now it’s tables. I’m just going to say hi, and then we’re going to say title equals

ops. Hey, this.

Opposite title. Think I’d like this anymore to do this kind of thing. Okay. And it should be ER, and of type one. And then we’ve got TV and of type, what is this three? Yeah. Dot text dot. True.

Now we will put the title in here. Sweet. Okay.

This should cover rep. This should cover everything

right. Wait, wait. Now I’m going to push it into the opposite chunk about this.

If business officers, they may go business dot officers that push officer business officers equals officer.

Yeah. Hey. Yeah, I know. Gotcha. I get that. All right now for the documents here, we have these, all these

we’re going to do a better to, huh? This a million tables. Okay.

So we need to select this something. How are we doing this over here? We have all tables.

So we have the table as we loop through this table, but all of these are tables

table able is T R no, we this and the type three. That should be my officer.

Yeah, I think that should do it

because label is that first thing I see right here. Okay. All right. Anyway, move on. So we have all tables for looping through.

Yeah. So how do I find these guys? This is like another table. It’s going to be just some sweets. Keep coming here.

Can I just find like some table, whatever. Oh, sorry about that. Now let’s go here. And if I got a table and like 20 or something, 10, so small for you, huh?

Right? That number three. I’m in the wrong thing. It should be over here, Kayla and type three. Okay. How about 10?

11? Okay. Like 30, 40.

30 31 30, 2 33, 34, 35, 36, 36. There’s only one of them. I think I can do this. And then I say to you, body PR. Yeah, I.

We’ll go like this const document rows equals like that. And then we say for each document row, this that should be done at each index. And it’ll be number element. It’s going to be Cheerio dot element. The idea. Yeah. Like that, like that. I know we say. What do we need? We need Crohn’s document. I document that.

Let me say name. That’s going to be what it’s going to be. Dollar sign. And then the selector within this is going to be

right there, but we’re only going to do this.

I don’t want these. I’m only gonna do, if there’s an image of. So, what about, what are these ones look like without it? This one here? Like this guy there’s no. Okay. Got it. Got it. Got it. Okay. Find that. How I do that was this one. That’s like,

let’s see, I’m gonna say, has image and we’ll go about TV. Of type one and thought if has URL, right. If it exists, then we do this. We’ve got like this I, this better.

Can I continue turn right? Has doesn’t return on a four H. Yeah, I think that’s better only continue if it has a URL or that now we’ve overkill like this. And we say, oh, well, we got, yeah, dude, you got space. And now the dance space, I’ve got to put it in that said nothing. Okay. Now we go TV and have type. To that text dot trim.

I think that, yep. I know. And now we also need a date. This could be TV and of type three element. Are we going to put this name, put with the element here? Got texts that trip right now. What else that’s going to come through. We’re going to get the name. We’re gonna get the date. Now we need the URL URL.

Now that URL is interesting with this guy. We push it up, man. I’ll put it up to here, which I don’t think this is what I want. I want this, I think

whatever this link is. That one.

Can we get that? That’s the question?

This like this

strings must, well, we’re going to do something.

I come over here, this, and we hope we have that ID in here

right there. See, that’s the one we want. Okay. Const document ID. Did I call that? And then we’d go. This. Wait, does that, is it fine? As soon as that a font in there, what was that font I saw?

It’s not fun. It’s a,

okay. So we go document I D is of type one, a element. Let me say attribute, right? And then we’re gonna split it,

HRF that split, and we’re gonna split it on.

Perfect. Yeah.

Record HTML. Oh, it’s lowercase HD. Okay. And then we go to zero one. I think that will do it, but this,

okay. Now we just need this part.

There we go like that. Okay. Now we go. If business documents, then we go business dot documents, dot push, push that document. And then there you go. Else. Business dot documents equals document. There we go.

We have a lot of stuff there. I moving, man. We’ll see how this turns out. We had an area I probably important tonight. I shouldn’t

want that. Or this guy here, this is all lowercase Cheerio homey. Okay, there we go. I’ll get status. Good commit Oregon search Oregon, add officers and documents, push origin master. And now we wait for that guy to build.

And the meantime, when you direst K, and we’re going to have to do stuff with our things.

Okay, there we go.

Okay. Now we need this guy. A couple of businesses would be nice, but this one for sure.

Oh, there we go. I’ll put up a new search over here. We’ll search for what? It’s software.

Okay. One stuff, stuff. I like that. I wouldn’t mind an inactive one as well. What do we got here? We’ve got a rep over here and a registrant. I think registering is no, that’s not the agent.

Well one there. Okay.

I want to fix cause an ABN. That’s why another ABN. We got another one. That’s not ABN. There we go.

Okay, it’s done. So let’s run this thing for 20 century pizza rep got a registered agent, that agent we’ve got president, we got a secretary. I would think we’re good. We have some good tests here

that we sit here and wait, how long does it take it to work? And probably 10, 15 seconds. It’s not long one. I don’t think I was going to do Ohio today. I don’t know hydro plant. Oh,

I wouldn’t expect that they would do a routine.

Begging my logs open. Yeah. I told you, I told you there was the risk here.

A lot of stuff,

something wrong with my cheer it out load.

It’s like one of these guys. These. Yeah. I don’t like how I’m doing this mirror

expecting HTML and they’re not getting it. See what the exact same? Oh no, no, no, it shouldn’t because this is going to be a million other things.

Okay. Hello. If we go like this, but what if there’s other ones I don’t know about? I don’t know what just don’t know about. Can I say, if it’s something else I want some way to catch all of these,

I think he goes type

Like this say table,

it’s actually the label. It literally is. And table type label. So all of those, if it’s none of those

and table type label equals.

All right. So then if this is type, then we should really do the rest.

I’ll go font, even hype out.

Good luck to us all. Okay. Anyway, I was going to do Ohio. I went through, in fact, I would like to know another state. I did this neat thing. What is it? This kind of. P I’m doing this thing called reverse search. I’m trying to find where we don’t have officers wait, Ohio. I thought I did this. Hold on here.

Clear. Oh, I do file. So include, I want source states like that file. Let’s do exclude. Yes. This module slash.

31 files. Okay. So it could be these exist. Now let’s look at,

oh, not dataset now. Business search.

I think Wisconsin is pretty sparse. Isn’t it? Let’s see. We searched for pizza.

Is there anything that’s active in this world? Merge acquired.

We stored the good standing. I’ll take it 1992, registered agent principal office,

these foul days, but no. Oh, document’s here. Okay. Hold on. We’ll get back to that. We’re trying to find something. Okay. It was cool though. That Weaver search and I can negative search. I can look over there and say, Hey, find anything. It doesn’t have this word. So I was looking for ones that didn’t have the word officer, but apparently Ohio has documents.

It didn’t make a note that also didn’t have officers. So. Okay. Okay. Okay. Look at that. We got a title of secretary of state he up. Yep. Yep. That’s good.

No. Okay. Now that okay. Nope. No, we’re not. We nail it there. You’re president. We’ve got secretary. Nice. But these what happened? I’m gonna happen here. There’s definitely no documents there. Why aren’t there any documents there?

Oh, the top one

should get filtered out.

If it doesn’t have this.


He was just returning all of them or something like I have a bad,

I want to get that header gone. I think that’s too much. Where am I labeling header? This thing go good. I don’t need that. Come over here. And I’m going to say, okay, don’t need that. Come with your document. Rose. I’m gonna say, okay, this is my only,

I don’t know what that looks like. So apparently this has been defined for every.


we’re looking at

type one. How are we going about TV and type one a, so this is end to find. Now if I got into the second row, that one should not be in the fine. Okay. All right. I would expect that to work

document rose,

but the index. And I said, can I count as we go? And let’s go back over here to this. Okay. What’s up. Does Wisconsin have officers now looking with this with me, do you think this has officers? I don’t know. I don’t think so. That’s all these, but apparently we can’t get them with an order document. Copy. I don’t see it here.

Let’s try another one. If I try software here

and my mom, if there are any are here, where are they? Oh my gosh. There’s so many there. Dissolved. Now a lot of businesses dissolve. That’s not weird.

it’s kinda weird. There’s so many that none of the other states. Okay. I’m going to say, I don’t think, I think Wisconsin doesn’t have, it was called. Over here. No officers, no documents. See gone. Okay. Do the search again? I just read it again.

Turn auto scrolling on. No, I’m not gonna do that. Okay. Now let’s go to Mississippi. Wait, it’s done. I build. Okay. Real problem is near 50. You have to find out which ones you’ve already done and which ones are. Kind of don’t have a great way to do that. I should. Now this is just gonna be logged. I didn’t change anything.

So it’s not going to fix the problem yet, but maybe,

maybe we can figure out what’s going on here. Total document roses, Ebro.

Well, that would explain it.

I don’t want this.

I mean, this returned stuff, right?

just checking that I’m not crazy.

So smaller. Wouldn’t he go like this now about amended annual? Yeah, it’s definitely there.

That’s a head scratcher. Oh, why? Why, why, why, why isn’t this here?

It seems silly to put this out here. Right? No, I guess not


What I’m really confused here. This Def I mean, it’s returning something right here. We have it.

I’m questioning the very fundamentals of my coding. This shouldn’t happen.

You’re fresh. There’s no way it’s different.

There’s no way. 32 minutes already. One documents. Why isn’t this working?

This is going through all of them

through here.

Let’s look at these table labels.

Hi, expect this.

What did I expect now I’m going to expect this to log out a bunch of them. Like this is going to be like a million, but

I’m running through all of them.

In fact, it should.

There are a bunch of these

anyway, back to our search for one of Mississippi army great output. We are in checking the Mississippi to see if they have stuff there, Mississippi. I mean, miss we’ll do this while we’re waiting right here. Can we have pizza before? And we vote to name change. Good standing. Where’s my button.

This is interesting officers and directors. No officer record found, but documents. Yep. This should be good. This is. Pizza boy international. I think that’s a good one.

There we go. Officer’s Mississippi’s next baby. They’re next on the list. They have officers and they have documents. Okay. We’re done over here and let’s run this thing.

Hm. Well, what do we think? And you guys can’t see the logs, but

6 0 6. There we go. Oh boy. That’s a lot.

Okay. It has him.

What if it’s off by one,

it says 36. I have 36.

Does that mean I’m actually table number 37. Let’s try it. I don’t understand why.

Exactly like this. And I say like this,

I like that I can put emoticons in my thing. I don’t like that at all, because what is sometimes it’s not, I should try it. I love the one. We had some other ones with me. That’s what I hear.

Did this one? I’d say documents should have like one, right? Yeah. One,

no, nothing. Okay.

That’s so weird to me. Those should match. That would mean there’s something different about the structure or something that makes me feel uncomfortable.

so building, sorry, it’s building, it’s building. It’s building.

There we go. Done. All right. Now let’s try it. Big finger crossed. I look over here, you have an eyes zero. So there is something, a zero and it has to be a 36, which means I’m actually 37. Right?

I don’t.

I don’t want this here. What was that doing anyway? Okay. So let’s go over here. We’re looping through every table anyway, right?

the table label. Now that’s going to be gigantic for me,

but maybe just, maybe I can do some type of.

I forgot. I had this table labeled. That includes something huge. Like, so we’re going to keep looping through all the million tables we had. And we say if it w but they’re not always going to have that. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. I

mean, it could be like, oh action. This includes action, action. Look, this is going to be there right now. We’ve already had like this.

I don’t like any of this, but what.

I know, I know I don’t like it either.

Now, now.

We know we’re at the table we want,

right. We know we’re at the table. So we say

right, the whole thing.

We say row,

I get that right. And then I go rows each and I go index number, element, Cheerio dot element. I go like this, this needs to be. You see me really do some stretching here.

Okay. There we go. So if we hit, this means we found the table we want, and we want to find all of them there. And then we go like this and very, this works.

We get rid of this. What a gross mess.

Okay. It’s going though. Build,

come on, baby. This is taken entirely too long. I was like, oh, tell me an easy day. How often is it never like that often?

In theory, right? It should work. You think it’s going to hit this one? It’s going to set all this into a Cheerio block.

Let me just loop through each row soup. The same thing. We’re just using the other way to determine where the thing is, because for some reason I don’t understand what.

I don’t get it.

okay, it’s done now, please, please. I like this method better than the 37 methods though, because it’s less random at least 37. I was like, what? I’m just plugging this number of a hat. Why is it 37? Why is it different than the HTML doesn’t make any sense? So this at least makes some sense. Even if I don’t love the method more, I don’t like that.

I had to do it. Like, why did my other method work? That’s the part I don’t like, oh, it’s retrying. Oh, I’ve got an air. Homie’s we bet we got an air.

Shouldn’t have to retry.

Okay. So the error we had was

what is something it’s splitting this because. They exist. Okay. So this doesn’t go fallacy. Like I thought


I want to know how they know if it’s empty. There we go. I’m not jQuery.

Maybe I can, it’s the same stuff.

I like this. So what happened at all? Had it and that kid down here at broke because there’s nothing there, but that means it’s working. So we’re going to say if there’s no text, I start texts on those roads. No, there’s not. There’s not that.

Well, dang. How about,

how about that? That’s better. I think. Yeah.

So if there’s no HRF, right? If there’s no, href what’s I go over here. I look, I say if there’s no. You out of here. I cancel this one. I’m Bev bill going. I just want to cancel. Right. Don’t care about it. Doesn’t care about me canceling. It does what it wants. Says I successfully quested it, but it’s still running.

So I don’t know. Who’s the boss here. Maybe get her actions or maybe not me. I know it’s building, it’s getting cold for my sweatshirt.

At 45 minutes. We’re just gonna go for a nice, oh, we’ll find the cancel though. Thank you. That’s very kind very handy.

All right. Who’s got hope this guy. Oh, wait, I’m going to too early. Come on, come on, baby,

please, please.

still running guys. Sorry. This is what I was doing. Who am I kidding? These videos? Aren’t watched very often. These are more like to show, Hey, this guy knows how to do secretary of state stuff. That’s what it’s for. But they don’t watch the video. Even the people that see it in, they’re like, oh, look at that.

He can do this. So if someone’s searching for Oregon, secretary of state, this video may pop up and then they’d be like, oh, okay. But no, one’s watching this thing. 46, 50 minutes of me crying and Ooh. Oh, oh,

oh, it works. Look.

And it’s there. We got it. We did it.

Oh, my gosh. Sometimes I get on the struggle bus here, an annual report. Like I just download them. It’s fine. I don’t care about that. Articles. The conversion. Yes, yes, yes, we are the bad we did it. I thought. Okay. That’s it. We’re done for today, Oregon in the books, documents and off. Yes. Wait, we got to test our other ones.

Let’s make sure they all work or they at least don’t break. Right? That’s what we want. No, brachy

you are done proven you work. Get out of here. 21st century pizza. Now we’re here for one stop software registered in 1986. Active Sydney. And we go to the registrant has authorized representative. Yep. That was good. Oh, we got some documents. Yes we do. They’re looking real. Nice. See, ya it’s know. This is an inactive one.

We have some authorized representatives. We have a one application for registration. So that’s what we expect. So what are we two for two? Yeah, baby. But shouldn’t I said, oh my gosh, it looks so beautiful. It makes me want to cry. Wait, what is, why is there two?

All right, what do we have to over here?

Oh, it’s me. It’s me. It’s me. Right? Because I’m going this. What do I have this next place? Anyway? What was wrong with me? Gosh. Ooh, that scared me. What does this thing look like? Anyway, it looks real good. All right, one more. We can call this thing done.

There it is.

Please please. Yes, secretary. I just, oh, it looks so good. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Yep. No, no.

Hello, that there was no documents. We did it. Okay. Done. 50 minutes. If you watch any minute of this, I love you. I care for you.