Rhode Island Secretary of State Officer Information

This is a video about getting Rhode Island Secretary of State officer information

RI business search page – https://business.sos.ri.gov/CorpWeb/CorpSearch/CorpSearch.aspx

Try the API free here – https://cobaltintelligence.com/secretary-of-state


Hello, I’m Jordan Hanson. I’m here from cobalt intelligence today. We’re talking about Rhode Island, Rhode Island went to Rhode Island and we are looking to get officer information and document information over here. So let’s see what we can do. So we’re going to go down here. Where do you have? We’re already getting all this business data from all this other.

Who neat reason. Cheerio. That’s not super common anymore. Interesting. Okay. So we have all this business detail, and now I’m going to try to get officer information and add that in there.

Okay. So let’s do it. We’re gonna come over here. We’re gonna check this out. We are looking at I love it. See, look, they got a nice little thing for me, right?

I think that we’re going to say const doc or officer rose dollar sign, but I’m going to go also. I want this, I want tr and I want, cause the first one is a header. So we’re just going to do that to try to get one. The great drive and I need this as it ID let’s test it, my friends, what do you say? Okay.

That returns done. Oh, I have to be the same. Look at this. Yeah. Three. That’s pretty good

with that. Now. It feels like it’s been so long. So you cheer you up. I like it. I like to hear a lot for this. I got this, that each and then I go index and it’s a number. And then I go home. And that’s a Cheerio element. This is what we can name space. We can scope down to the right. Well, can we go through, we’re looking for officer.

Hi, officer equals this title. I don’t know which one should go first. We’re going to go like this. It’s just going to be TD and of type. And we have to name, we have to scope it to the element of a text right there. Let’s trim it to make sure I think that we also want a name

and we’re going to call that too. And same thing, that’s it. Now, this next part’s address though. And that’s what we’re gonna have to work on question. What are we using to parse address up here? We’re not, we’re not parsing address. This address is going to be kind of gross too.

Yes, it is. Well, okay. I see.

I don’t like that. I don’t like it at all. And I’ve type three and it’s going to be like this text

Tran. Got split. We’re going to split on the comma. We’re going to mess ups with cities like this one. I think the city name is west Warwick Warwick. And so that is going to the west part. I don’t know how many cities have two and how many don’t we’ve we’re looking to address pricing, but we’re not there yet.

So address split right there.

And then I go like this. I say, const.

We’ll start with at the front, I guess,

street and city

equals edit split zebra, and then we’ll go constant street and ask what kind of steady city equals street in the city. I’m going to go street and city when you get this one. And then when you just write, this is all we can do dot split on space, and then we’re gonna go street and the city split that length.

So we’re gonna get the last one. Nice one. It’s whatever. The last thing is, that’s where we’re going to get that trim then. We’re good. The street split. He sit a shift will be the first element I won’t pop pop-up moves the last element element of their race. It’ll take this one. It’ll pop off the last word, and then we join it

to space and that’s it. No one party is going to be, it’s going to say six Cardinal court, west Warwick.

Okay. So it worked for this one. If it happened to be west Warwick, then down have worked cool. Now we need to do the next part, which will be constant state, sip and country split.

Test a few of these. No.

Were there. Okay, good test. So yes, I come over here and I go like this or does it give me zero? Perfect. It’s fine. This won’t fail. Okay. Now, when you go over here to this, when you split these, I would like to find a few more with stuff though.

Okay, so this is going to be address one.

I said, I always do this just in case it’s done to find too many times this is broken on me and now I trim it and now I split it.

On space again,

let me say constant state equals


one. I think that’s it. Let’s try it. Street,

zip like that. Okay. Now we’ve got officers.

If it exists, then we just officer B equal it. We push it officer in there. Otherwise we go create a new one.

Now we need documents. Okay. Since we’re doing this as a separate request okay, so it’s sent over here. That’s a get request,

but there’s no ID here.

Should we describe to cookery that this is gonna be like empty, right?

Boy, that’s not great.

Wait a minute. Maybe this is a redirect. Aha. Found it. This is what I want.

We’re going to do it. We’re going to make a new function sick

and where to send in business.

Oh, it hurts. Okay. And we want this URL. Can we get that easily?

No, I think I just need the feed now, whatever that thing is, this one. Oh, well it hurts. Do.

and then we pass an SOS ID.

This am a go here. Copy has no fetch. Let me say this.

that’s better. That’s quite just now. Ooh. Why is it that I can out? I thought, and then we replaced this.

Why is that different color?

And then I wonder if I can do this. I’ll tell you this, watch this. Cause we’re doing Fetzer requests. I might go this test this locally. Yeah. We have a local thing right here. Oh boy. Look at that though.

It’s a little messy doing it this way, but hold on. I had document data. I know.

I just need you to send me something and I want that. So I said, you need to be this guy

like that. And then I just needed to do something like this. Conch texts equals a weight, spawn, stuck text. I want to call it HTML, actually like that. And we go like this constant that are signing this Cheerio download, we pass an HTML there, and this is pluck anything. We’re in here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had the head right there on this document, the rows equals this.

It’s going to be CR dot grid, bro. Same thing. Let me go for the document rows at each. Index number element or that element.

I know this thing has gross. Can we close that? What does this assume it’s going to work here and then we can call us directly. I should just be logging it’s about, but whatever, here we go. We have a thing for every one of them. How are those? You were able to look

happy? I think it is. Brand exists in a second for now. We’re going to go const document. I document this like that. And then we say name is going to be Dell or sine T D and of type one. It’s like that, that one, that text, that trim. Then we go. It’s going to be TV and type three. So this is one way.

This is what is a one. This is two. Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4 for

trim. And then we say you are out, that’s going to be TD of type. What if this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, a turf, right there we go. Attribute

this right here.


We run it that smooth as can be and what really is going to happen here? We got this. We say if business documents nice. Look at that. Whoa.

Something’s weird. There was getting all of them. Okay. We don’t have our roads.

And this dot documents, stop push document S business dot documents equals document. Really like that. Okay. Something’s weird here. Oh, see, this is what happened. You don’t namespace. It is why we need this.

Nice. Go to test it. All right here. Huh? Like that. Now let’s try it. I’m going to look up.

And then we’re gonna go over here. I’m gonna

think I can test it from here. The guy looks good. Let’s test check it. Yeah. Ooh, HOPA. Hello there. Can we also get a business phone number here? Sorry.

Mississippi. We do some mind. That’s. Hold on.

I don’t do it in here.

Hold on. Let’s look at something else here.

Rhode Island search road. There we go add officer’s documents. That should be it. No, not at all. Holy crap. I think it’s gigantic.

In the meantime, I’m going to look, I’m doing some kind of PDF parsing. I thought.

Oh, I see. Okay.

well, that is something I should do is. So I can parse out these and get like this phone number here. Is that right there? The texts look where you can highlight this, like this, that means the texts look, see. That’s cool.

no phone number here. That’s an LLC. What was it? Okay. Okay.

Why those don’t have anything

annual report LLC.

But the articles of incorporation

paper press. Okay. Hm. Okay.

Where’s the STK are you at? Here we go.

This is going to be high and it should be.

We expect officers and documents here.

What? Selector’s not right there. No documents, what is going on here?

Documents are listed first. Okay. So first of all, we got present. Good. I just meant what’s going on with this more stuff in here. Now, what.

address. Where’s this.

the thing they’re going to, and the thing we’re going to have the same.

They hard-coded that thing that you stayed that is gross. I worry that

I go over here like this and I say, I just want.

10 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. Okay. Like this,

that should do it.

Okay, now let’s go over here. Oh my gosh. I got a collapse that I think is huge. Okay. So you have document rows length at worked previously. Oh, I’m not even calling it. Okay. That explains why going to document data.

I think that okay, but what about the officers?

Got it right there. That’s the problem. My friends, I was getting for the address we’re getting, we had like everything or whatever, ton of stuff all over.

Here’s our. I get that much better. That looks

not see to formation, whatever. Okay. I think that’s good. Now we send this up again to double check. Yeah, it looks great.

No local push, no push dance there.

so legally not allowed to sign legal documents right now because of anesthesia yesterday. But come on, I’m just building stuff right here. I seem perfectly sane here. Don’t die out of my mind. Okay. This one right here is gonna be a good test. One. I don’t know what the freak is going on with this one. Why does that, why do these not have officers?

I don’t know, like another one with office.

Officer’s please anyone, anyone and everything. That’s interesting.

that’s when I had an officer. Okay, good chicken. That one, these four are the STK.

practitioner’s name of whatever. I don’t understand this really.

Come on. It’s publishing. I know God done. There we go. All right, let’s run this for top shell LLC. Fictitious name of pizza.

We expect some filings probably, but Noah officer’s wait, is that what I’m doing? This one? Yep. No officers, but we do have some documents.

Good. All right. Get out of here. Next on the list. Pizza, India, LLC.

No heirs. And. Can we turn it off and the officers, but I would expect at least a document or two. Okay.

yep. There is my article. Yep. Yep. All good there. Next we have pizza plus Inc. You have one officer and some documents. I’m sorry. Where’s your.

sweet. There’s our officer. So document.


some of them are going to have it. Okay. We can that we handle that. Come over here documents and we say,



otherwise, we’re gonna put her in there.

I would just return. I returned false and I wanted to be done all the way. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah.

Okay. In the meantime, that’s a good one. I had the officer, it didn’t break either, which is great. Now we’re gonna come over here. Wait, we got the. Yeah, pizza plus ink. And then we have cafe Roma that she wants you to make work fine or test. Right now.

There we go. And we have our things are perfect.

build, build, build. Okay. So now we just need pizza plus, right. And then we’re good to go. 28 or half, half an hour for this one. So it took us a little bit longer, but we had both documents and officers. So come on, give me some credit there. Okay. Then here we go. Now we only have one more New Mexico is the only state after this that we haven’t done.

We haven’t supported officers and documents. If it exists

where this one’s also work, it’s work a big town. I don’t know where it ended.

Look at that, it looks better. It doesn’t, it

This one has in their phone number. It looks easy. They have a phone number.

Okay. We’re done. We’re an island in the books. Good job. Thanks. That’s all.