Searching all Secretary of States for a specific business name. SOS API – Cobalt Int SDK

Get your API key here –

You can install with npm `npm i –save cobalt-int-sdk`.

Github here –

    const sosApi = new SosApi(process.env.cobaltIntApiKey);

    const results = await sosApi.searchAllStatesByBusinessName('pizza hut llc');

    console.log('Results', results);


This hello, Jordan Hanson here from cobalt intelligence. Um, I’m here to talk about the secretary of state API. Now this, I built a little SDK here and backed this can, um, install it via NPM right now. It’s only in JavaScript. Oh, that’s wrong. Hold on. Hold on.

There we go. There we go. So this get hub right here, it’ll be in the comments. Um, you can install it with JavaScript, NPM, and then from that, I just added there’s cool things that lets you, because we have some states that have we IDs because of long polling. Anyway. So this handles all that. There’s all these methods in there.

I mean, we have a method here and this is the one I just added, which is to search all states by business name. It’s really easy to use. Um, you just kinda do the same thing we’ve done before. I’m gonna make it even a little bit. Just initialize the API with your API key GA Becky come down here and request it or comment or whatever.

Talk to me, we’ll work on getting you an API key. Um, and then once you have it, you can go here and you can search all states by business name. It’s very simple. So I have a thing where I’m going to try here. Let’s go MPM, start my example. It will run this. And what this does is all this does is just look through all states that are there.

And then it will make that request, uh, with that business name and return any data we have for them. So it’ll go through all of them and it takes, you know, it’s going to be asynchronous as it finds them. You’ll see us say, okay, it’s going to find it here from Missouri, Ohio, Idaho. Perfect. This SI Nevada now because pizza LLC, I don’t know.

That’s, that’s probably not a real company. It’s by pizza Inc, or something like that, though. Anyway, so it’s going through, I won’t find anything, but that’s the example, right? You have a business end search for it. Um, we also have example here in the API, I’d be able to search by secretary state ID. Um, you could do, what else is there?

I think that’s it. The secretary see ID and search by name. It’ll handle all kinds of retries. So there it is. Um, this is the secretary of state or the Cobalt’s intelligence STD. You can come in here and you can search by all states by businesses. Just send it in there and you’re good to go. That’s it again?

Jordan Hanson, Coldwell intelligence.