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This is a video about getting Rhode Island Secretary of State officer information

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Hello there. This is Jordan Hanson. Excuse me. This is Jordan Hanson from cobalt intelligence today coming to you without an appendix. Got my appendix out yesterday. Feeling good though, and ready to do some work on South Dakota, trying to remove or not remove, add documents. So I’m trying to add officer and document information for all states that have it.

This is around secretary of state business search. South Dakota has. But not doesn’t have the officers. So to we’re going to work on today, it looks like it should be pretty simple.

Well, that’s a big one. Is our officers in there. If I wanted to get ambitious, maybe I would do that. It’s pretty hard to parse though. Anyway. Now, today, right now, we’re just gonna go over here and we’re gonna inspect, and we’re gonna try to get this page right here. We’re gonna have to handle. There probably will always be documents, but we’ll try to handle football.

My voice. I don’t know if you tell my voice has a little bit of a little different today, had a tube down my throat. I was kidding the appendix out. So it’s a little horse. Okay. We’re looking at this yeah. History summary. It’s what we want. It’s a nice little ID for us. And if we go T body, we go T R I don’t like that one.

That’s the header. We want this T body row regular. There we go. There we go. Now we’re all on that stuff. Okay, good. So we’ll just what this we’ll say. Constant document rows equals awake page. That dollar dollar. What’s a good test and array. Give us, give the selector. We make a loop, it loop through those document rows.

You say document row. I never went. We want to make sure this URL, because all these ones that are included in the initial filing, I don’t, which is interesting. Oh, interesting. So maybe they combined them all into this later and whatever. I only want the ones with the, where else. So we’re going to do that.

We’re going to say like this constant as URL, I’m going to say, wait, page dot. Not page though, document row dot doll. And we’re going to say we’re just gonna see if this element exists. So we’re in the row. We’ll come on that side as a function we’re in the row. And we want to look at who would a mess.

It’s a bunch of,

and then inside there. Okay. I don’t know why.

They all have their own T body. What? Okay though. Oh. Oh, okay. I see. I see why let’s make sure we’re good here though. It’s a T bodies where we go. Yeah. Yeah. And then here, they’re highlighting this other, doing every other with that, something I teach, they just wrapped an antibody instead of putting it on the.

I don’t know why, but this will, it should still be fine. Any case I’m looking at the last one? Nope. I’m not that one. Nope. 0 1, 2 or TD nth of type three and type three. And then we also want, do we want to just make sure there’s a, is there that’s like a one without. I think that’s what we want. Yeah, they’re right there and go like this.

Hey, let me see if it doesn’t have a URL. Let’s skip. Let’s continue. We’ll just go to the next iteration a little bit. We’ll put those together. No, that’s nice. Isn’t it? Happy trees. Okay. Now we’re going to say const document document. Come on. I want you to import buddy.

Yeah there and be like, this name is going to be, or is it title? What does this, his name, name of the document. We’ll go, wait, document, row dot evil. And we’re going to call it T the end of type one. I think it says.

That’s in B what’s it doesn’t really matter, but sure. And then we’ll go element by element dot that’s content right there. And I want to put a trim at the end of this thing. For some reason, whenever it auto completes it automatically puts it on. Wait there,

and then we’ll get the date. The date had date, and this will be TV type two and no B on this one right there. And we get text content, we trim it. And then we go the URL like that. And this one is going to be TD into type three, but it’s going to be the a right there. And this one we’re going to go. Get attribute interest honestly, should be as simple as that,

then we just say, Hey, if the business documents, if it has documents, let’s push it in documents, push document right there else. Let’s make a new one business dot documents equals document right there. Thank you. Thank you. I like that.

I honestly think that’s it now. Sorry. Deep breaths. My breathing is little small, so okay. My turn. Can I go back? No. Okay. We need to find what I would like to, is there a chance of an old dissolved one or whatever that doesn’t have any of those rows or something like that? That’s what we’re going to try to find.

That was one’s canceled. This one says solved, dissolved administrative. Let’s look over here. So this one right here, I would think she’d be fine. Still. There all should have an initial filing right here. So I come over here and I use this. It should just skip them all. I won’t have any documents, which is fine.

I just don’t want it to air

has these, but it’s going to kind of have a URL, so it should skip those. What about this one?

It should have an initial find that should work fine. Should work. Well, I think it should be good. Good. Set it up. Was it South Dakota? I say South Dakota. How is this camel case? I can’t remember. Shouldn’t be right. It should be, yeah, not dashed like this, the COTA search south, like this at the hat. We have this Heather’s name right.

For the thing to work, to publish correctly. Okay. Adding documents, push origin. Master probably should put something in here about no officers because I searched by this officer. Okay. No, that’s good. What’s the actions as it goes. We need, I wanted to find the active one as well. This good standing one.

This is great. Then that’s good to STK out.

Yep. Hold on. I’m going to sing. Oh yeah, that right there. Okay. So we’re going to want to test all of these. Pizza seller, Inc. Should have no documents.

Do I want to include this? Even if there’s how URL.

I don’t know. I would tell the year, I don’t know how back a newer one. It’s still got a newer one over here. This one’s 2020. Like that one.

That’s my stuff. Huh? Oh, it’s done. Hold on and send us up while we’re waiting. Okay. So this one, I I’d expect nothing. Oh, I did that and I want St. Pizza seller, ink. I like it. It’s very direct to the point there. All right. So that should go, there is a capture, I believe in South Dakota that pops up sometimes.

So this may be awhile. We’ll see

each incorporated right there.

No documents and no physical address. They’re empty. Okay. That one looks good. Check. Now this one next on the list. Pizza market, Inc. Didn’t air. So that’s good. Wait, we’re in debt, right? And we’re in death. This one I would expect when you are elf, should be the initial filing in 1984, which is when I was born.

This was slightly before.

they found it. Oh, what the, I know documents there. That was not good. That’s something we wanted.

well, what the heck? They should have this. Let’s go back here. Look.

Okay. We should come over here. We should like this.

Hi. All right here. She had three, one. Wait, why did it? Oh yeah, there was a problem there not overregulate. It was a problem. Okay. We gotta do that differently. Then we need to.

I mean, what if we just get all TRS,

this right here would come back? No, cause it’s only going to have, there’s no TD that this will be no, I think I’ll do it.

Send it.

Wait, I didn’t fix it. Ah, I cry. I cancel that thing.

I probably can go see bodies still, but not real regular we’re wiggling as the, not what I want. Okay. I want to cancel this thing. If it can work, cancel around, please let me get up actions. And by the way, it works pretty well. Well, sometime I should do that. I don’t know why don’t I put that in my list of things to do.

I don’t know. I remember of a video on how to do GitHub actions for Lambda simpler. Right now it’s complicated what we do because we have to do one per state. And it’s all in one repository though. So it’s not like we’re just pushing, like we’ll post this up and we need to update only one Lambda function.

Not I 50 Lambda functions, one for each state, but it’s all in one. So anyway, got a complicated there anyway. So what are we doing? This is one I here should be good. Yeah. I was looking at these to see if they had, I wanted to see more of these. This is a recent one. I don’t need that. Another one, please.

That was 20. I want so any more recent, come on. What do you think teen? That’s. Okay.

no contact information, but we do have right here, which is different than this signature. This is the organizer that’s done the point in the shot. Okay. It’s SDK now. All right there.

yeah, we’re preparing for captures in South Dakota, but it’s not hitting it very often. So I don’t know. I think these are way too fast for there we go. Looking at, we got one right here. Sweet. Oh no. Okay. We’ve got a namespace. I didn’t even look at.

Can I just copy this entire URL or does that work? So if I hover over it,

copy link address like that.

Does it look like yes, the whole thing. Okay. So what I need is this in front of it? Yeah. Like that. Let me just get rid this homey.

just like this, that, and that should do it. All right, come on. That was great. This extra space to lots of little stuff here. I mean, we’re at 14 minutes. I probably, if I would’ve done this a little cleaner, I could’ve got this done like seven minute.

anytime we could try to be Wordle or the thing belts have not been worldly yet. It’s a Wordle.

Okay. What are we looking for? I’m going to try something different. I normally do audio and test, but I’ve been using that too much. I use crane yesterday. I don’t know, whatever audio chats. Here we go. I like it. Cause no valid right there. So it’s gotta have your knee and S a T. Okay. So no other vowels. No H so no modify.

What other things go with? S S has gotta be first could be S L E sleek

sheet. Oh boy, skeet

gonna lose. Hold on. We’re back here. Send it. There’s a lot of those things I should have eliminated some continents now can there can’t be more surely sweet, sweet pressures on oh baby. Barely made it in the last round. Now that was dicey. Got it. Perfect downloaded. Great. That’s what I want. Okay, perfect.

That’s what this one check. This has gone. I want to try this now should also have a one, I think, right? Pizza Ranta Milbank.

And then we’ll do this one with a bunch.

Here we go. Sweet.

All these things included in the filing. All right, we’re good. There a rat. There we go. Now we’re going to go, oh wait, I just did pizza, man. Now this is our final, last one. Last test right here.

Update my supportive fields in here.

beautiful. That’s good to me. Should we click one? Let’s click one. That’s initial filing. I’m going to get always in those it’s going to 2021 annual report. Okay. Went somewhere else.

Daniel reports actually like.

So when you’re parsing PDFs, you kind of there’s the trick, right? If you can highlight these words, it’s text and you can price it super easy. Otherwise you have to parse it as an image because they just have an image in here. This one’s an image, so that’s not as fun email. I wonder if that’s there sometimes.

Okay. We could do this not today though. That’ll be hard Monday. We’ll add that in. Okay, cool. So we’re done. That’s it. South Dakota. Good job. That’s the end of my end of this recording now.