Web Scraping and … Wedding Registries??

You’ve got the technical chops and the interest in making money through web scraping. The next challenge is figuring out ways to do that. You know how I feel about the limitations of consulting. It’s just not easily scalable, which is why I recommend creating and selling a product instead.

Finding opportunities to make money web scraping

One of the ways to identify a good potential product is to look for trigger events that create a need. Stuff happens in life, and that stuff triggers people to need something. Some events, triggered by financial hardship, mean that people need help to deal with their debt. On a more positive note, a company getting funding means that they’ve got money to spend and a need to spend it. When somebody registers a new business, they often need a bunch of products and services.

Wedding registries, though?

Yes, wedding registries. Whether you’re married, or just know people who are, you know one thing for sure. When people get married, they need stuff. Sometimes, lots of stuff.

There are things they’ll need for the wedding itself. Catering, a venue, a photographer, flowers. And then there’s the stuff people need when they’re creating a shared home with another person. A real estate agent. Appliances. Furniture.

Make money scraping registries

There are a bunch of places online where newly-engaged couples can register for the things they need and want to receive as gifts. Zola.com is one, MyRegistry.com is another example.

Using data available on sites like these, you could design a process that would scrape new registries every day. To focus the process, you could search by a series of names, by date, or by location. Take that information and run it through another site with contact information, and you’ve got a really high-value prospect list.

Wedding packagers, photographers, florists and more would all be interested in that kind of information. Chances are, they’d be interested enough to pay for qualified prospects like these. 

You could even go one level deeper, finding other data to scrape that would be of value to these couples. The months leading up to a wedding are stressful, and that stress can take a toll on the couples. Maybe there’s different data available by web scraping that can ease some of that stress by aggregating information they need.

The bottom line

There are lots of ways you can make money by web scraping. One of those ways is looking for these kinds of trigger events. Changes in life create data. And if you can scrape that data in a timely manner, it can create opportunities for other people, and for you.
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