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February 1, 2024
December 14, 2023
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We've got a FREE AI Financial Tool for you! It's a simple tool that uses ChatGPT to help you understand disclosure laws.

NOTE: You need an active subscription with ChatGPT to use this tool. You must be logged into your ChatGPT account to use it. Don't have a ChatGPT account yet? We recommend that you watch this video tutorial so you can get familiar what ChatGPT can do!

Here are 5 Ways to Use it:

👉️ Quick Compliance Checks:

Use this tool to quickly check if your financial products meet state disclosure rules. This is helpful in states like California, Utah, New York, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, and Virginia.

👉️APR Calculation Guidance:

Ask the tool to explain APR (Annual Percentage Rate) rules in different states. It can find specific sections like 603A in New York's law that explain APR rules.

👉️ Document Navigation:

Use it to find the right parts in large legal documents. Instead of searching through PDFs yourself, the tool can find the sections you need.

👉️ Regular Updates and Citations:

The tool is always updated with the latest laws and includes citations. So, you can trust it to have the most recent legal information.

👉️ Simple Language Questions and Answers:

Ask the tool your legal questions in simple language. This easy-to-use feature helps you understand and use legal terms.

How did we make this Alternative Finance Disclosure Law Helper GPT

This is the video tutorial how you create the tool however we've experieced referencing citation links to the GPT's responses so we made another video how to force it. It is not the ideal solution but a workaround. We are hopeful that in the future, as OpenAI continues to update and improve, the GPT assistants will be able to provide the link as desired.

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