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February 1, 2024
December 14, 2023
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NOTE: This tool requires you to have an active subscription with ChatGPT.  You must be logged into your ChatGPT account to use it. Don't have a ChatGPT account yet? We recommend that you watch the video tutorial below so you can get familiar what ChatGPT can do!

What does the tool can do for you?

👉️ Data Processing Capabilities

Analyzes financial data for trends and risks.
Assesses client credit scores and business performance.

👉️ Customization for Specific Financial Needs:

Tailored for accurate creditworthiness evaluation.
Enhanced capabilities for detecting potential fraud.

👉️ Regulatory Updates and Compliance:

Keeps up-to-date with regulatory changes in merchant cash advances.
Provides insights for maintaining compliance.

👉️ Customized AI for Enhanced Decision Making:

Assists in making informed funding decisions.
Uses past data to inform future decisions.

100 Questions PDF:

Resource for Exploration: The tool comes with a “100 Questions PDF,” a comprehensive resource guide that helps users understand the full range of the tool’s capabilities. This PDF is especially beneficial for those new to AI, providing practical examples and scenarios that the Alternative Funder Expert GPT can handle.

Enhanced User Experience: The questions cover a wide array of topics and scenarios, giving users a solid foundation to start from and ideas on how to effectively utilize the tool in various situations.

See how to use the tool in this video

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